Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back from Penang

Good and bad news,

Good news was, Penang was fun, eat sleep enjoy relax, run around the island.

Bad news, came back home hear of my sis's house got broken into. SIEN. Hope the police can do something but highly doubt their capability. Last time my friend's house got broken into nothing was done other than come look see only.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glad to be going for a break this Weekend

Yay, going to Penang this weekend, hopefully it wouldn't be too hot, will take a leisurely drive up there, and have a free and easy time dozing around the island.

Wanted to see how to train your dragon, but don't think can make it on time. Oh Well

Note to self : Charge all camera batteries b4 going, clear all camera memory cards b4 going too ^^

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Haven't felt it this short before

Wahaha, don't think on the slanted side.

Well i don't know why, but i have nose hairs growing thick and long, which is very irritating to my nostrils. Makes me sneeze and itch in the nose, People think i always dig my nose, but no, i was just scratching the itch.

When they get too long, I have had this irritating painful habit of 'pulling' my nose hairs by gripping them with my fingers and giving them a sudden pull. Pain, but it's just a short while. Trust me, i've tried with tweezers those girls use for their eyebrows, and the pain is damn unbearable until tears also come to my eyes.

Until i found, a nose hair trimmer from a certain pharmacy. Cuts and trims and even have some nifty things for you to trim your sideburns if needed. First unit i got was faulty though. Luckily they were great to exchange my unit for a nice working thing.

The experience.

No Pain Yay, but don't go squeezing your nose, the stubs will poke into you like a day growth of beard/moustache stubs. Try not to breathe when you trim, unless you want to sneeze alot.. Use tissue to clean up the small particles of shaven hair and you're good to go :)

Only 20++ Ringgit, worth it, works on 1 AA Battery

Monday, April 12, 2010

Minor Minor Minor Tech Problems

I wonder why these things happen, nobody can touch the servers other than us, but when we setup the servers, it all works fine, after afew weeks some things start to go awry. Drivers go missing on their own.

X Files. Unknown reason

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cracking your head over quirky stuff

Have you ever had something happen to you which you thought would not happen, but it happens anyhow, and that something actually shouldn't act like that, but it's acting that way which you have never encountered before.

Well, today is one of those days which made me waste tons of time dwelling on these small little problems.

No Solution yet, luckily it's just a PC still can format. ^^