Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The 2 things Meme TAG!! n Chrismas Meme

1. Two names I go by: Deric & Bam
2. Two things I am wearing now : Ring and Chain
3. Two things I want (or have) in a relationship : Children and Happiness
4. Two things I like to do : Playing online games and sleeping
5. Two things I want very badly in these moments : Money and a new Job
6. Two things I did last night : Slept and Ate
7. Two things I ate today : Fried Fish & Fried Chicken
8. Two persons I last spoke to : My Colleague and My Colleague
9. Two things I am doing tomorrow : Go to Work then Go Home Zzzzz
10. Two favorite days of the week : Saturday and Sunday
11. Two favorite holidays : Christmas and Chinese New Year
12. Two favorite beverages : Ice Lemon Tea and Green Tea
13. Two things about me that you may not have known : I married latest amongst my 3 siblings, I am the last kid of my generation "Father's side"
14. Two jobs that I have had in my life : A chief cashier, a salesman
15. Two movies I would watch over and over : Braveheart, Patriot
16. Two places that I have lived : Kuala Lumpur and Kasai, Japan
17. Two of my favorite food : Satay, Fried Chicken
18. Two places I would rather be right now : On Honeymoon wherever nice, at home sleeping.

Christmas Meme:
What are the 5 gifts you would buy for yourself this Christmas, if you had unlimited income?

1. A new car
2. A new double storey house
3. A honeymoon for my wife and I to Europe
4. A flourishing food & beverages business.
5. A club membership so that i can go use the facilities anytime

dono who to tag so not taggin :P

Monday, December 03, 2007

Guo Dai Lai

As promised, hahaha here comes the updates, one at a time as i recall them.

There was just too many things to do the last few days, and late nights and all. So we start from 2 weeks ago when i had my Guo Dai Lai.

First of all all the things for exchange had been planned in advance, a big huge roasted Pork, those wedding cakes, liquor, dowry and more has been arranged and Guo Dai Lai basically is the dowry sending day. Hmm, dowry include, The main dowry, angpow for mother in law for bringing up, and also one to grandma, and ang pows for the unmarried siblings of my wife. I think that was all...hmmm...something like that :P

Most of the time nowadays people use ang pow to represent most of the stuff. But if you have elderly in your family, they most probably will still want the presence of a big big roast pig in the house for the event.

It definately was a nice addition to the event to see everyone trying to butcher the pig Hahahaha, not easy for first timers.

At first, we asked our local butcher in KL how to get the pig and all. We were recommended to ask the In Law's family to buy it in Melaka and then we'll give the ang pow for it. This will definately save you alot of time to have to carry it over and all.

So on the day itself 18th November, My 3rd Uncle + Wife, my 2nd Aunt and my Bro + Family followed my wife and I down to Malacca as my entourage for this event. We were greeted by a big big Roasted Pig, Wedding Cakes, Fruits etc etc at the entrance of my Wife's house and an altar for offerings to the dieties.

First thing we did was to pass the dowry over to my In Laws, then we did some prayers. Then my In Laws were to chop up the two sides of the Roasted Pig, leaving the Head/Shoulder, Backbone, Hip/Rear part Intact for me to take back to KL.

What a chore it turned out to be as no one has chopped up a Roasted Pig before, my brother in law had a real good workout and was sweating non stop while trying his best to severe the two sides of the pig's ribcage. His uncle and aunt was also helping out and it took a good half an hour to 45 minutes to at last manage to carve the two big pieces of rib/meat out.

Then came lunch at my in laws, they prepared some food for us and for all the relatives who attended the function, there was a few plates of the Roasted Pig earlier for us to eat, which i was then informed that My wife and I are not supposed to consume any of the food used for today's event, meaning i can't touch the Cakes, Roasted Pig Fruits n more.....ARGHHHH!!!!! and the pig smelled nice too :P So i just made do with the fish, some fishballs, and some vege...sob sob, no roasted pig and it was just in front of me.

Ah well, after lunch, we didn't want to go back to KL first since i wanted to bring my Bro and Uncle to town for a short walk, so we didn't load the pig into the car, and went downtown to Jongker's street to enjoy some sightseeing and some traditional food.

Firstly we parked at Jalan Tokong, then we went into a temple there, first time i entered the temple, It was serene and beautifully maintained, the wooden beams, the golden paint on the carvings in the ceiling wooden beams, the clay tiles of the roof were all very beautifully maintained. I forgot what was the name of the temple though...hehehehe, dropped some donation into the donation box and walked around the courtyard and the compound of the temple. Wifey told me she's been to this temple alot of times when younger and they used to have a turtle pond on the right side of the entrance. That place is now turned into a washroom and no more turtles liao. Oh well. But the temple's still a very nice view.

After visiting the temple we walked down the road to the corner, walking past a gula melaka shop, my uncle stopped sniffed and bought 2 whole bags of gula melaka, hahaha he says the gula melaka here is definately nicer than KL as they are genuine without being diluted first then hardened. The smell was definately great. Walked somemore to the corner of the road and we stopped at No 1, Jalan Tokong, those who know this place will know the wonderful wonderful smell of pineapple tarts. This place is famous, hahaha one of the smallest shops in this area and also the most customers. Luckily we managed to grab some boxes before they were all gone.

Then we walked over an alleyway to Jongker Street, in the alleyway, my Uncle n Aunt went to buy some Aik Cheong coffee too, well known coffee in this part of the country. It was a hot day, so as we were walking back up Jongker Street, i took them to the 88 Restaurant, hehehe, this place serves really good ABC and Chendol. The main thing which makes it good was the Thick Thick Gula Melaka & coconut milk lacing over shaven ice balls. Bwahahah, first time my uncle had it and he was hooked, my brother and sister in law agreed too that it was very nice. The shop was packed when we went in, managed to secure a place though. LUCKILY.

Well after that was about time to go home, my uncle, aunt, wife and i went back to my in law's house to pick up the roasted pig and other stuff while my bro took his wife and my other aunt to A-Famosa resort, he already booked to stay there 1 day in advance.

On the way home, the roasted pig smell was really quite overwhelming in the car hahahah 1 and a half hour journey later, we reached home, and my uncle helped my mom butcher up the final parts of the pig to be given away/frozen/kept to make the spicy 'choy kiok' dish. All which i still cannot eat SOB SOB, really rugi bersih here. Hahahaha.

Oh well, it was a tiring day indeed and luckily i took a day off the next day to rest since i drove all the way there, then to the town and back to KL. :) 2 weeks after that would be my wedding. Which just passed. Next few posts will be on my final 2 weeks of wedding preparations and also the wedding day. WHEW

Monday, November 26, 2007

Slight Hiatus

I truly apologize for this slight hiatus from posting. Alot of things are on my mind now on the preparations for my wedding this coming weekend. Last minute thoughts and such. No time to even watch football.

SideNote : Yay Man Utd Lost :P Yay!! JW don't be heartbroken.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

'Steady stream' of young game addicts seek help

Experts are worried that parents and teenagers cannot cope with issue well.
By Oo Gin Lee and Alfred Siew
Help for gaming addicts is mainly focused on changing their habits, through 'cyberwellness' instead of getting them to go cold turkey. -- REUTERS
THE thrill of killing powerful monsters and seeking glory online has turned a small but growing number of youths here into cyber addicts, who need help to maintain sanity in ther real lives.

Some 150 of them have approached a new centre set up in August last year to help computer gaming addicts manage their obsession.

Mr Poh Yeang Cherng, manager of the Planet Crush cyber wellness centre, said he has seen a 'steady stream' of cybergamers asking for help. About 60 of the 150 cases have to go for counselling sessions.

'There are many reasons why gamers play games. Some to escape from real life, some to achieve what they can't get in real life and others to simply meet their social needs,' said Mr Poh.

Almost all of them who approached the centre were students and youths, with just a handful of adults.

'There was also one girl who called to seek help for her father,' said Mr Poh.

The centre is part of non-profit Touch Community Services' youth outreach programme. Since 2001, Touch Community has reached out to more than 200 schools and 250,000 students, parents and teachers with its cyberwellness programmes.

The problem with gaming addiction was highlighted in Parliament on Monday by Ms Ellen Lee, MP of Sembawang GRC, who said her nephew was a cyber addict. She asked three ministries what was being done to help such youths.

Experts say most gamers can manage their lives and do not end up as addicts. Help is mainly focused on changing their habits, through 'cyberwellness' instead of getting them to go cold turkey.

Mr Thomas Chong, director of education initiatives at Infocomm Asia Holdings, a leading game publisher here, said: 'Gaming is like fire. It can be a good master or a bad slave. You just need to manage it properly.'

He allows his eldest child, 12-year-old Daniel, play computer games. Initially, he worked out a schedule with him but over time he drilled the values of balance and prioritisation into his child.

'Now, he paces himself without our help and automatically stops completely when the PSLE was near. But we still monitor him in the background to make sure he does not step out of line,' added the father of three, who also lectures educational psychology part-time to National Institute of Education trainee teachers.

But some cyber addicts can play non-stop for more than 12 hours a day. Mostly male youths, they may also skip school, or rush to a cyber cafe while on holiday overseas, to log on to a game they cannot live without.

Dr Munidasa Winslow, director of the Community Addictions Management Program at the Institute of Mental Health, said he has seen patients who even fought with their parents when told to quit playing.

Though he has only handled a handful of gaming addiction cases this year, he noted that more parents are starting to get worried about the issue. They are concerned that what started as a hobby may turn into an obsession.

Student Bryan Toh, 16, for example, failed several subjects in Secondary 3 last year because he spent all his time playing the MapleStory online game.

He would play for 12 hours straight, even pretending to be ill so he could stay at home to log on.

He recounted: 'When I started playing, I thought I could stop when the holidays ended.' He did not - until the the O levels beckoned this year and he was forced to kick his habit to prepare for the exams.

Academic and avid gamer Angeline Khoo, 54, suggested that parents should try to understand why games matter so much to the young ones - by playing the games themselves.

'There's a lack of understanding as well, and what we need is a bit of balance,' she said.

Read Confessions of a not-quite-reformed gaming addict.

Taken from

Hahaha i think i'm one of them addicts, but i'm not young anymore.

Song hunting for Wedding

Heheh, any of you torrent? I'm hunting for songs which both me and my wife like for our wedding.

I have got the cards liao, this weekend gonna write them all up and next week's passing them out time. Yay, 2 weeks and 2 days to go. Suddenly, i'm feeling a bit more excited than the past few weeks.

Registered for more than a year, and now only doing the chinese tradition stuff. Somehow the anxiety to get everything right is there, very anxious to see how everything turn out on that day. Hopefully all will be fine.

Any suggestions of songs?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I looked at the scales this morning after 30 days of changed diet

Hehehe, sorry for the lack of updates, been busy with alot of things, wedding planning, stuff this that or sometimes a bit lazy, play games etc etc.

Today this morning i looked at the scales, it shows that i'm 4.5kg lighter than i was 30 days ago. Heck an achievement for me. I've never lost weight before only gained them. Bwahahahaha.

Damn happy, and i didn't even go on any supplements. One 2 hour badminton session, ehhh, nothing much of an exercise after that unless you consider typing on the keyboard exercise for fingers. :P

What i ate in the 4 weeks

Sausages/Eggs(many styles of cooking)/Ham/Fish Nuggets/Cucumbers/Dim Sum(1 time)/Burger Patties.

Mix rice without the rice, heh, 2 meat 1 vege, 1 meat 2 vege, eggs from time to time.
Mc donalds nuggets and ayam goreng everything a-la-carte, Didn't touch any soft drinks at all. Go for the mineral water :P
Cook own chicken kunyit, kari goreng tenggirri, other stuffs.
Pan Mee (1 time)

Kenny Rogers roasters
McD - burgers without buns, nuggets, fried chicken.
Manhattan fish market - too bad they don't have salads with their fish only rice and fries.
Own Cook food
Steamboat 2 occassions :)
Chinese Restaurants, one fish one soup one taufu most of the time, or replace fish with meat. sweet n sour also can.
Yong Tau Foo

Nuggets, Oranges, Pears, Apples, Cheese slices, Peanuts, Cashew nuts, Almond Nuts.
Baskin Robin (1 time only)

Drinks - Lots of plain water, i still drink english tea during tea breaks in office.

Hmm that's all i remember. There has to be more, but i don't quite remember all.
First of all, the first week is hard to bear, but when you get past that feeling of lethargicness (lower sugar level) it's fine. And now not eating rice is a good habit.

Still have a bit of splurges from time to time if you see the food i ate, but no sugared drinks like coke and such is good.

Avoid refined carbs, go for natural food.

Cheers!! If i can do it so can you!! 4.5kg kakaka, i wonder if it will go higher or lower after my wedding.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Nice way to make an announcement

Well, this is a first for me, i was going thru SMART tunnel in the morning as usual, and listening to MIX FM, when suddenly, the radio waves were taken over and an announcement was made by the SMART tunnel people.

They were saying Tun Razak road was jammed up, recommend people to take the Sultan Ismail exit. Then the radio waves cut back to the radio station.

Hehehe, that's really a cool way to make an announcement.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Steamboat @ Home

Sorry about the lack of updates. Alot of things to do for the wedding and plans. :)

Now we've gotta continue thinking of ideas on how to maintain our diet, low carbs low carbs, what to eat what to eat.

So we thought of steamboat.

Took a portable stove from my mom's house with a cannister of gas.

Bought some Ikan Parang Fishball, some Meatballs, loads of 'Fu-Chuk', some vege, and 5 prawns, 1 chicken breast, all from OUG market.

Also bought some ikan bilis and boiled the soup with them earlier.

Very easy to make and simply delicious and enjoyable. Also cheaper than outside steamboat too :P

For 2 ppl the price of the things came up to ehh 15 dollars? ok le, simply delicious with real ikan bilis in the soup and not some MSG stuff.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

How would you balance out development?

Hehehe, this game my wifey sent to me, i've tried for a long time last few weeks ago, then i left it alone, today i tried it again and managed to finish it.

The goal is to have everything at max level.

Hehehe, Try it, See how good you are at development steps :P


Gahhh, alot of expenses are accumulated up lately, and it's tough clearing them, sometimes i feel like i work for the bank, salary in, salary goes to bank, hahaha then use credit, then salary in, salary goes to bank and repeat.

Anyhow my car's way overdue for it's quarterly service, i'm dragging it to 8k mileage instead of my usual 5k before i send it for service. What to do, lower my expenses a bit lo.

My Last service and notification for next service

My Odometer :( Overdue liao Overdue liao

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Outrageous Disguises - Only in Japan

Lol i just read this page and i was like laughing out loud at what this woman can think of.

A vending machine disguise, a bag which looks like a fire hydrant and a handbag which looks like a pothole. For those anti social people who doens't want to meet others on the road?

View here for the pics Kakakak really farnee

TM Installation - Pissed

Now this is what happened.

Firstly my wife and I applied for a line for our apartment so that we can use streamyx (yah yah, i know it's a hellhole, i already have another streamyx a/c at my family house).

So hmm we applied on last Friday, and then Saturday someone from TM said they will come to install on Tuesday morning 11am. So i say oh OK.

I had to take leave just to accomodate them. But i think i have a day extra or so, so on Monday i applied for my Tuesday leave, luckily approved since Tuesday wasn't that busy.

Ok now for the STRESSFUL part.

Come Tuesday morning, i send wifey to work, then come back home to wait. 10am came, 11am came, 11.30am came, i called TM, asked them what happened, who's the contractor who's supposed to come, the fellow just said he'll check, then he told me no contractor was assigned to me. He will forward a report and let them call me back. I was like "What the FUCK??" I took leave for your stupid service and you all never planned it properly.

OK so i waited another 2 hours, no calls back. I called TM again, this time i was really pissed, i asked the person what's wrong with my application, the fella said he need to check, i told him the previous person checked and he said no contractor was assigned to me. I was pissed and i told him i'm bloody angry now because they are wasting my applied leave, and they never tell me what time is the contractor coming and i can't go out for lunch, had to wait in the house for those stupid people to come to install. He told me he'll forward another report and mark it URGENT. Nothing more i can do, so i waited for their next call.

I ordered McD delivery because i didn't want to not be there if the contractor arrives. After an hour, i got a call back from TM asking me if the contractor has called me yet, i almost yell in the phone "NOBODY called me, you IDIOT" He gave me the contractor number and asked me to call him, i tell him, you call the contractor and arrange for me, why need me to call.

I still called the contractor later because no calls came my way. The fellow told me around 8pm, i was like WTF, i don't need to waste my leave like that. The contractor blamed it on TM for not putting the details in properly. I was damn pissed. That was around 4pm then. I went to low yat plaza got my all in one router/modem/switch, went to fetch my wife, at around 6 the contractor suddenly called me "sekarang boleh?" ARGHHH!!!!!! i told him, you said around 8 now 6??? i'm in KL.

So we stuck to the plan of 8pm, he came later than 8pm too, bloody hell.

In the end all was done phone connected, but cannot dial out yet, this morning i tried also cannot dial out yet, dono when only can. PISSED and wasted my whole day leave. ARGH!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Low Carbs/Carbless Diet Day 10

Well it's been a long 10 days, i think, tomorrow we can officially eat back a little bit of carbs, like half bowl of rice and so on and so forth. Although according to the recommendations of the person who we talked to before we go through this program that it's better to just stay off the carbs.

Here's how it went

Phase 1 (5 Days)
Meat/Fish/Eggs & Vegetables, Yoghurt & Nuts for snacks

Phase 2 (5 Days)
Meat/Fish/Eggs & Vegatables, Yoghurt & Nuts for snacks & Fruits (really really appreciate the fruits sweetness after around 1 week of no sweet stuff)

Phase 3 (5 days)
Some Carbs (Half bowl of Rice, Bread, Potatoes maybe in moderation) in addition to the list in Phase 2.

Then repeat from Phase 1

They recommended to just go phase 1 phase 2 and repeat.

I really miss my potatoes :( Anyhow 2.5kg so far for me bwahahaha, achievement leh, always i wanted to drop weight and it never happened and i went up to 90kg, i used to be the 29 inch waist skinny.

Maybe i should put some exercise into my already high protein diet, i think it should help alot.

Hopefully i'll be 83? or 80(wishing) by end November. Cheers

p/s : Readers sorry for not updating on Friday, was on leave and being on leave is even more tiring than being at work.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Low Carb/Carbless Meals

It's been almost a week since i started myself on a low carb/carbless diet, wanna look better for my wedding day i think, hahaha.

Oh well, my wife and i have been starting this way of eating while she's trying out the Phaselean thingy from Alterni. It's a starch blocker, not a oil blocker. Dunno how effective it'll be after a month but so far, 6 days into the diet, she's lost 3 kg and me around 2 kg, better than nothing rite :P

We're still eating loads of food though. The diet doesn't make you starve yourself, you even have to eat 5 meals a day, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner, Supper to make sure you're never hungry.

According to them being hungry stores fat, which makes you not lose weight efficiently.

Oh and before you think that we're eating all the bland and lousy tasteless food, NO we're not.

We're still enjoying mcdonalds, kfc and a&w, just drop the buns, fries, potatoes, soft drinks, you still can eat the chicken, coleslaw, big macs without the buns, the patties vege and tomatoes inside is edible. On top of that you can just cook stuff, like burger patties, sausages, eggs, chicken, fish, meat (whatever kind of meat).

No starving on this diet, just eat moderately, palm sized of whatever meat/fish you can get cooked anyway you like, curry, rendang, kunyit fried, curry fried. Well that's the few stuff i tried to make though not all turned out well, gotta get more tips from mom.

Ayam Goreng Kunyit with loads of cucumber and tomatoes on the side :P
i cooked this yay)

I've cooked some food over the weekend too, no carbs just meat, vege, eggs, fish. Fruits comes in the second phase of the diet, after you've gotten used to a lower level of sugar in your blood.

Hard Boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, omelette, sunny side up, all are edible.

What i feel when i started this diet, the first few days were still ok, then i start feeling a bit lethargic, because of the lower sugar levels in the blood, but at the end of the week, i'm okay again, maybe the body has gotten used to it.

Well so far so good, lets see what kind of progress we'll reach later at the end of the program.

What i miss most from my carbs were my potatoes :( my wonderful potatoes, fries, mashed potatoes and so on and so forth, Wifey misses her ice lemon teas, hahaha all the sugar and stuff. But we'll strive on for healthier meals :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Mint/Dark Chocolate

Local Chocolate Beryl's is one of my favourites i've been buying it often everytime they have their promotion in The Weld or Wisma MPL

Camior Range, there's actually more

I've just bought a bunch of them, fruity, dark, bitter, mint etc etc. But still in the end i love their Camior range they melt when they melt and they just taste wonderful especially the Hazelnut ones. My wife and i Heart them :) too bad we're on a low carb diet now, can't enjoy, but just for those who are still having fun with these wonderful creations

The tiramisu i buy is usually in another kind of box and square shaped chocolated, dunno they don haf the pic in the webpage

Their tiramisu is also to die for hahaha, chocolate on the inside with nuts, and then outside covered in fine cocoa powder. Ahhh i miss my chocolate munching days, i bet they'll come back soon enough though, hahaha after my wedding day, gotta drop the lbs :P

This pic is my own :P i bought this bunch to munch on last two weeks bwahahah

All pictures credits to Beryl's website.

Note this is "NOT" a sponsored post, hahaha

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Iron Thieves

I believe many people in Malaysia have been a victim of this annoying happening, prices of iron are still good, and scrap iron can fetch some price, that's why those drug addicts and those who are looking for a quick buck are stealing any piece of loose iron which is not screwed down and selling them to junk dealers.

I think the latest happening is inside the SMART tunnel, there were supposed to be alot of iron sheets covering the wiring and the piping on the tunnel towards KL. Those sheets were there until the long Raya Holidays.

Now while driving thru the SMART tunnel daily, i see alot of ugly openings showing the wiring/piping and such. Ish, the authorities should be more aware of what's happening, and also the police should clamp down on the Junk Metal buyers.

This thing is getting out of hand, until people don't even want to use metal rod covers for their drain coverage, unless it's totally screwed down and moulded into the concrete.

Another case would be the road up to Cameron Highlands from Simpang Pulai, those who have went that road before would notice that the road side barriers are all MISSING. Those irresponsible thieves have stolen there and left people's lives at stake. If an accident should happen along those stretches where the metal barriers are stolen, you can be sure to say tata and end up in a deep ravine.

Ok enough of my rant for today. Time to go on site :)

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Outback Steak House : BB Park

Outback Steak House, situated at BB park, just in front of Low Yat Plaza. Went there for a couple of times, most of the times to celebrate birthdays, hahaha, well be and my few friends have been celebrating each other's birthday there just as a gathering to keep in touch.

To me, their food is deteriorating. Not as good as before, i would rather go to any other hong kong restaurants around there.

Me's Salad

We all ordered set lunch, i ordered chicken grilled set, which comes with salad/soup, then bottomless drink. My two friends ordered fish and chips which comes with salad/soup and also bottomless drink.

Me's Chicken

We added a Bushman Shrooms to the deal, the shrooms were great, but it's not as big as it was last time. Their quantity also reduced. Soups and salads were okay, but the main course...ahem, lets see.


My grilled chicken was TOO salty, too much salt, and the steamed vegetables which came with it was overdone, too soft, like eating food at old folks home. My friend's Fish n Chips were, hmmm too much breadcrumbs covering the fish? Well that's what they complained about.. Oh well, at least the price is still ok, the sets were around 19++ each, but still....dunno if i'll go back there again.

Fish n Chips

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Wai Kee Restaurant : Yong Tau Foo

More Food??!!??

Yeah, this place is a very nice Hakka style restaurant, for once i see all the chef are women instead of the usual men in the aprons, spatulas and woks.

They serve great yong tau foo, big in size big in filling too. Been patronizing there for quite some time but have never posted anything about it before.

Other than the big big yong tau foos what i love about their food is their Fish, Thai Style, Asam Kurau "Ma Yau" (VERY RECOMMENDED). I didn't take any pics of their Asam fish because i didn't order it the other time. But trust me, it's well worth it.

Wai Kee Restaurant is located on Old Klang Road, If you know where 'chee meng chicken rice' is, then Wai Kee's just next to it.

Yum Yum, i think i'm going there again tonite. :P if i do get an asam fish i will post the pic for you guys.

The Place

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Internet Explorer 7 BAH HUMBUG$#%#%!!

Well, why am i ranting?

Easy, i am just adding salt to the wound about the oddities of Internet Explorer.

After reading THIS at MerDurian "About how to change your icon for your blog", i tried to change my blog Icon, found an icon i liked and prompty tried my best to do as what she have posted in her blog.

Well first of all, the code had a bit of an error :P sorry MerDurian, the ending of the code for the icon tag should be /> instead of /&g hehehe, but nevertheless, i got it working properly.

Or i thought i did, I was so happy that i can see the icon on my own webpage (I'm using Mozilla Firefox) so i let my wife know about it, ask her to load my page to see my new icon. Well she did, but she said it's still the blogger icon.

I was like "what??" mine is loading my little mushroom icon. So i asked her what browser she was using, and she replied IE. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! I googled it up, and found out quite some people already have the same problem, that IE cannot read the file properly.

There was a workaround though (ONLY FOR IE 6) you have to add the webpage to your favourites for the icon to register. Then when you load the page, the icon will come out altogether. But it doesn't work for IE7.

Even after you add the blog page to favourites, the icon appears in your favourites, but when you select the page from your favourites, the icon still doesn't load with your blog address. I was worked up now. I tried to search left right up down in google thinking there has to be a workaround. In the end, i had to give up, bah, nevermind, i don't use IE anyway, except for some lousy office applications which need IE to launch :P

I think i wasted 4 unproductive hours doing that, ah well...

UPDATE : After a day of not touching it, suddenly IE7 shows the icon too.....???????? Takes so long to update meh??

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

My lifetime of Handphones!!

Hehe my experience with Maxis postpaid has a span of over 10 years now, i think i started using it since 1993, hmmm 14 years not 10.

I still remember last time the monthly fee was 60 bucks and then the calls charges were crazy, there were times when my bill reached 300 bucks and i could hardly afford it,

I was using a very old Ericsson 218 phone which was a known killer with it's magnetic field. You can stick 3 to 4 1cent coins to it and they won't fall off. Crazy huh, i can put the phone into my bro's car, then lock the car with alarm, then call the phone and the car alarm will go off, hahaha HUGE phone ringing tone :P

(218)Remember this Dinosaur :P My first ever phone. Dropped until it spoil.

(338)And this one too, i have a weakness for small phones even back then :P

Anyhow, after a long while of using it, then came along the RM30 postpaid + calls, this i used for quite a long while, quite ok for a low call rate fella when my calls hardly touch 100 bucks.

(Startec X)This was my next phone, small, light, stylish, but spoils fast because of the flip

Then they stepped up some more with the 75 bucks plan, i switched immediately, but later found out that i am calling less and less and depend on internet more than on the phone. So i changed back to the 30 bucks postpaid plan and my bills were like 50 to 60 dollar per month, so i'm still ok with that.

(Nokia 8250)And then this came along, Blue display Woohoo!!, now so ah beng liao.

Now they come up with the 50 bucks per month plan, good for me, i see the statement of my bills come up to 20++ bucks only per month, that means i burn 20 bucks a month for not calling enough. 15cents to any Maxis around malaysia is a good price indeed and i can call my friends in Ipoh, Penang and JB without worrying of the flying sky high charges.

(Sony Ericsson K700i)Next was this, Mp3, LCD, Camera 1.3megapixel, how to resist

Oh well, still i'm happy with it at the moment, cut down my phone charges quite much, i think if they have a 30 bucks plan i'd definately go there, hahahaha. Cheers. Oh ya i've tried Maxis and Celcom, Maxis totally Rox Celcom's Socks.

(K750i)My current phone, i hate sony ericsson joysticks, they spoil easily

So what did you guys use all along?

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hygenic Ice Cafe (Pakpoh/Cendol) Jln Bunga Raya, Melaka

HeeHee, more about food, i'm a glutton

Min Chong Hygenic Ice Cafe, small cosy little shop, been in business since ages ago, it's located directly opposite Tai Chong in Jalan Bunga Raya.

The shop only has like 5 or 6 tables at most, they do cendol, rojak, pakpoh(ABC) and some other stuff, hmm i'll link the menu for you all to see.

Had a cendol while my wifey had a pakpoh, it was good, very good indeed, rich in coconut milk and just sweet enough for my taste. It's different from the baba cendol/abc which you can find at 88 along Jongker's walk. That one has it's own charms. I will write about that the next time i visit there again.

Price wise....hmmm ok la Melaka ma, all also around this price one....hehehe....alritey, pics pics and more pics

Cendol and Partly Hidden Menu

This is the Pakpoh aka ABC in their menu, Looks so colourful and Yummy

This is the menu hehe see the name Hygenic Ice cafe, to be truthful, it's clean la the place :) Price all in also, sorry le pic quality not so good, all taken using phone camera :P

After the snack, we had a short walk down Jln Bunga Raya trying to find some Nyonya Kebayas for my wifey, but most or all of the shops were closed, what to do, 1st day of Raya ma. Ho Hum

This mosque caught my attention though, Idillyc and beautiful, i didn't get the name though, and going through google i still can't find it's name...Oh Well...

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Satay Malaysia, Kajang

Hmmmm, another satay post, hahahaha.....Food!!!!! Yum!!!!!!!

Oh well promised wifey that we'll go here for our anniversary dinner for comparison with our last nice satay experience in Kuantan.

The satay didn't wow us though, comparing it to Satay Zul in Kuantan, this one definately loses out. The meat was drier and tougher, the nice part was there wasn't any fat in the middle.

The kuah was special on it's own, although not spicy enough for my taste. The ketupats were small but still they were using the nipah leaf woven kind, and not the plastic bag kind of nasi impit. The leaves gives out a nice fragrance and taste to the rice somehow.

Some pics to appease your apetites :)


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What to do, Bananas Hahahaha

On the left side is English Date, On the right side is Chinese dates and time and events

See...all translated into English, for my wedding which's coming up at the end of the year, the date and time are all acquired from Loh Tim Kee, the shop behind Kota Raya.

They still charge 90 bucks per reading for weddings, while the other one Loh Tit Patt is charging around 120 now as i heard from my friends.

Gonna have to go back there to get more red red stuff for the wedding, the potty, the wash basin and umbrella all red red red.

Mozzies!!!!!!!!!! Arghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mosquitoes, tons and tons of them, very annoying and very geli to see them lepaking around my balcony area and my corridor area like it's a happening place.

I really don't know why there is so many mosquitoes around, and i live on the 13th floor, why is there still so many mosquitoes, i don't even dare to open my balcony door or my main door for fear of these little buggers flying in.

They may be forest mosquitoes, but i'm not taking any chance for dengue or malaria.

Been killing them frequently but they just come back day in day out, sometimes even 1 or 2 hours after i killed them. GAHHHHH, i bought 2 big big bottles of Ridsect, then i bought some fly paper just to catch them.

Geli or not these are on the ceiling near the light (black black dots)

These are the dead ones on my balcony floor after i sprayed some aerosol (black dots are all mosquitoes)

More dead mozzies, notice the box with the mosquito coil inside, i tried lighting the coils, but no effect... maybe because this is outdoors....(black dots are all mosquitoes)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya

To all my Muslim Friends,

Selamat Hari Raya to you all, and to those non Muslims, have a great long weekend.


P/S Joe & Joyce if you're reading this, any open house, bwahahah, i miss the Kelantanese Food :P

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec, Formally known as PJ and Duncan (singing duo), i really didn't recall their names when i saw them hosting the Britian's got talent, when i wikipediaed it up and saw PJ and Duncan, then only i recalled listening to their music before.

I've tracked more of their videos over at youtube, and they have some really crazy shows like their Undercover show, where they disguise up, extremely, with casts being made to change their faces and such "like in the movies" and then they go and prank out those UK celebrities. Simon Cowell was one of them, Baby spice another one, even Blue the group was pranked out, and much much more.

More of them from wikipedia at

Here's the prank they played on Simon Cowell. Enjoy :P

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Natural Batik Village

I have been to the East coast of Malaysia many times over these many years, but i've never visited this place before. It was just starting to rain when we got there, so a good place to shelter and have a bit of a sight seeing process.

Anyhow, The place was BIG, the front half was their shop area, where they sell all kinds of clothes, mainly made from Batik cloth, you can find some beach wear from quicksilver here too though.

There were batik, songket and much much more fashioned into many kinds of clothing, sarongs and decorations.

The back part of the place was the creation area for the batiks, there were a few beautiful pieces of batik there which i saw which were fresh, one was an orchid drawing in batik too bad i didn't take a pic of it. *SIGH*

Wifey bought a few pieces of sarong batik back for her mom, The place was decent, although the one bad thing i didn't like was, the toilets have NO water, and it smelled real bad. So guys and girls, go do your businesses at your hotels or wherever before you visit this place. :P

After this center, we went home straight back to KL dropping by at the famous Kuantan Salted Fish Shops. I think this is the end of my Kuantan series, gotta find something else to write about liao :P

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pantang Larangs of the Chinese Weddings

Now, what do you all think of all the Chinese Pantang Larangs for Weddings

1) You do not attend other people's Weddings 1 month pre and post your own Wedding/Registration of Marraige.
2) You do not attend other people's Weddings 2 weeks pre and post your own Wedding/Registration of Marraige.
3) When you are having a 'griefing period' (Someone passed away in your family) you do not attend other's Wedding or Good events for a 1 year period.

Those are all i heard regarding weddings do's and don'ts, which one to follow?

Do i still invite those people whom i know had someone passed away in their families in the recent months?

Do i still invite those people who i know are having wedding/registration of marraiges within 1 month of my own to my wedding day?

This year is a year for weddings, really tons of my friends are getting married, can i attend their weddings if they are within 2 weeks? 1 month of my own wedding?

ARGHHHH!!!! someone enlighten me please, i'm confused.

I cooked!!

Lol nothing fancy, just cooked some breakfast for wifey and me to celebrate our anniversary last Saturday.

Didn't have any pics while cooking, wifey was still asleep, bwahahaha......that girl can sleep...hahaha...

Anyhow, Jumbo Sausages and Fried Eggs and Toast and Soya Bean Drink in the morning :)

Me Jumbo Sausages, Eggs and Toast

Toast while Toasting, looks so nice!

Bunch of Roses for me Wifey!!

Yum, gonna cook the balance this weekend, hahaha JUMBO Sausages RAWR nice!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Not High Enough

Hmmm, did he need two chairs for that table. He's not short ma :P
Just something i snapped yesterday while having dinner.

Happy Anniversary To Us

Note : This post is actually for tomorrow 06/10/2007

To my dearest Wifey,

Happy 1st Anniversary, this is to a great year and more great years to come.

Lotsa Luv from yer Hubby

P/S But since tomorrow is Saturday and most of the time we're not online, i'll post it today :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Shopping for Things for Wedding!!

Ahhhhhhhh, i think most of the time i go out shopping with wifey, it's all about and for our Chinese Wedding day which is coming up at the end of the year.

We're following some but not all of the Chinese traditions, so well, shopping could be a hassle.

Firstly we went shopping for our stuff which our families give each other during Guo Dai Lai (Chinese Dowry Day). The bride's side have to give the Groom a belt, a wallet and a pair of trousers. So basically, me and wifey have to shop for these things and give to future Mom In Law, for her to give back to me on that day itself. "Can claim $$$ from Mom In Law" kekekeke.

Anyhow looking for these things which i actually already have can be a hassle, we were thinking of buying non leather goods, and then again, i don't like non leather goods, since leather goods are way more lasting than those PVC stuff.

So we walked the whole Midvalley last night, from Jusco, to G2000 to here to there, in the end we went to Metro (There were tons of belts wallets in one section) Easy to shop here. Got an Arnold Palmer Belt (hmm i'm not a golfer) but it looked nice. Genuine Leather too.

Getting a wallet when i already have one "Wonderful gift from wife" which i'm not ready to part with yet is hmm a bit of a hassle, will the wallet mould before i start using it? Since it leather and some leather tends to mould if kena moisture. Ahhh nevermind, bought some moderate priced thing, but still genuine leather.

Oh well, one part done, I also got my trousers from another departmental store earlier, chinos, since i almost always wear chinos to work :P

Till my next wedding shopping trip!! Chiaoz...

Nasi Ayam Hotel New Capitol , Kuantan

Yet another great place to eat in Kuantan

New Capitol Hotel Hainanese Chicken Rice :) This place was also featured in Ho Chiak one of the chinese TV shows locally about good local food.

I've been to this Chicken Rice stall since i was a teeny weeny little kid, coming back here to eat just brings back memories that nothing has changed, the inside of the shop was still old style kopitiam style, big spacious too since they have two shops merged.

Here are some pics to whet your apetite!!

Succulent Tender Chicken YUM better than most of KL's Chicken Rice :P

Lovely Hot Ginger Butter Chicken Rice.

Their Original Logo, i had to round the place a few times to find
this restaurant because i only remember how to go there by
memory, not mapped out :P I remembered it was
somewhere behind my uncle's old shop :)

The new Logo

Wonderful Place to eat indeed, try it if you do go to Kuantan