Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And then there was a win

And a win it was, although it doesn't matter to where i stay, but still it is a good thing for them to have won, the lesser of 2 evils?

people just want a change, and the bigger powers are being sore losers, maybe because of being too well used to being fed and fat.

oh well congrats to the PR

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And then there was a trip, and a leak, and another leak

Time after time, the shoddy workmanship of the apartment i'm staying in is starting to surface, firstly the fuse box, one of the fuses which don't usually fail, failed, it keep tripping and i thought that it was my computers which were giving the trouble.

Well long story cut short, after removing one after another appliance from the sockets leading to the fuse box, it still trip, so concluded that it was the stupid fuse thingy which is spoilt being too sensitive. Luckily my Father in law bought some spares to keep in the house, he's a TNB engineer so he knows these stuff, had to call him in Malacca to get directions on how to remove the fuse from the fuse box.

There's a catch in the circled place, just have to use a flat screw driver to pull it down before removing/installing into the fuse box

LOL it isn't as easy as i thought, at first i tried to do it myself (after turning off the main power of course) and i was pulling tugging and all, but i can't get it out, hahaha this was actually my first try at doing something to the fuse box. Called my Father in Law and he told me that there's a catch at the bottom which needs to be pulled down to release the fuse.

Well after doing that, till today, there was no more problems no more trips to the computers, and to think i almost threw away my PK Auto Voltage Regulator because i thought it was spoilt. :P

Well after that, was over, i think after another week, a leak sprung under my sink, it was actually the draining part which was leaking, the plasticky thing under the sink wasn't holding in place and the screw to hold it in place has lost it's gear "wat nga"(cantonese), i went to carrefour to get a set back, and it didn't match.

The leak sprung from the top of this thing, the connection to the sink was bad, and the rubber piece was brittle

Luckily my aunt, who's a hoarder of loads of stuffs for Just In Case situations had a few sets of these stuff at her home, so i took some from her to try out, and well i managed to get it fixed back in, and i fixed the leak, yay DIY again.

Lastly, yesterday, i was in my Brother in Law's room, and chit chatting with him about his Apple notebook, when i suddenly looked up, and i was shocked that there was watermark on the ceiling abestos. ARGHHHHH!!!, i immediately took the huge step ladder and climbed up into the raftings to take a look, and found out where it was leaking.

Note : Not as extensive as this pic which i took from google images :) LUCKILY

The pipe between the two bathrooms which leads over my brother in law's room sprung a leak, and the water was slowly dripping and it was dripping directly into his Air Conditioning unit. Well i made them all quickly take their baths, and turned off the mains and released all the water from the pipes so that there's no pressure there.

Asked wifey if i can fix it or not, she say leave it to the pro's, so i took half day leave, called the plumbers, and got it fixed in a jiffy, cost 180 bucks and half a day's leave. They changed a stretch of 12 feet pipe with a pvc pipe which they brought along. They showed me the original pipe and the one which they changed in, the quality is double the thickness.

ABS Pipe, blue colour, but the developer used one which was way thinner than this, the pvc pipe i changed to was grey colour and the thickness of the walls of the pipe was like this pipe pic.

The pipes which the developer used was very lousy, brittle, thin walls and CHEAP. All these fixes i had to do was because the stupid developer's quality is damn lousy. If you want to know, the developer is Zeus.

Although this is a low/medium cost apartment, i still feel that they should at least make it better. The lifts are different shapes, i wonder which second hand shop they got the lifts from. :(

Add On 21/08/08 : I forgot, the toilet flush lever broke too in one of the two toilets, talk about lousy quality stuff. I bought a metal one at ACE hardware and replaced the lever for 9 bucks.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12 Boxes of Doughnuts please

We just had a small company meeting, well not exactly small, i think around 50-60 ppl. Went out for an earlier lunch to tapao stuff for the meeting, and we went to get some vegetarian po-piah and karipap for the vegetarians in the company.

Then we went to Big Apple Donuts, (I fancy them more than J-CO), wahahaha, they went in and told the counter staff, 12 dozen please, and the staff was like...uhh, O.O 12 dozen? 12 big boxes? LOL, anyhow they bought it at Low Yat Plaza the main entrance.

We enjoyed our donuts after the meeting, YAY, and the karipap were quite nice if you like your currypuffs with only potatoes. ^^ no pics, i wanted to snap 12 boxes of 12 doughnuts but, no camera :( Oh well, very full now. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, August 11, 2008

I got rewarded for my loyalty

LOL, Ok, i'm sorry for taking so long to post another post, my friends/readers have been telling me, post la, waiting to read your posts.

Here is what the title of this post is about, I went back to Malacca last Saturday, and before that i was telling my wife that i wanted to reload my TnG card at the Add Value lane at the Plus highway, well, wifey said that if there's alot of cars at that lane, then can use her card and go thru first, then come back only reload from Malacca side, since that's less people loading there.

When we reached the lane there was like 10 cars in front of me, so i was like oh ok, nevermind la wait a bit. When it reached my turn, i haded the girl 100 bucks and the card. Then like normal the operator reloaded it, beeped at the machine and gave the card back to me with the receipt. I drove off.

I then passed the card and the receipt to my wife and she say OMG why so much de? I was like what so much, she say the receipt said 400 bucks. I was like is it the printer problem, not clear printing. She say 'No' it's 400 bucks. My bro in law who was sitting at the back seat also said he say 400+ on the display board when the operator beeped my card and was wondering why i reloaded so much.

Oh well, i didn't turn back as there's no way to turn back, and i'm still not sure if it's 100 or 400 as i didn't see the board and the receipt, driving on the highway must be alert cannot simply look anywhere else. So by the time we reached Malacca, i beeped thru the machine and it really showed 400 bucks ++ WOW. Bonus ^^

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trying to get healthier

I admit, i'm addicted to the internet, to computers and the works, the second i reach home, first thing i do is i turn on the computer, be it to surf facebook or play my online games.

So i try to get it out of the system. Sometimes i go out with wifey shopping, be it grocery or other stuff, on Wednesdays i go for a badminton session with colleagues, "Great to sweat it out" never knew sweat can be that smelly :P, and yesterday went for a bowling session with some old mates.

I think it's been almost a year since i last bowled, bowling is sooooo expensive nowadays, last time i used to be able to bowl for just 2 to 3 bucks a game (Student card) now it's like 5 bucks a game, and the places are usually packed.

Ah well, i must have not moved this way for so long as it's like creaking in the back and the knees when i'm stooping to release the ball, wahahaha, anyhow i still can reach 130 score, my usual average "Yay" still got my touch i suppose :P, First match 90+ (Ish i always set myself to 100 minimum, maybe this game i was trying too hard, second game 120+, and third game 130, ah well, better than nothing ^^.

After that, go home bathe, surf the net a bit (SEE I CAN'T GET RID OF IT) then zzzz. Peaceful sleep mustabe really tired.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Week 1 Lag, Week 2 Lag, Week 3 Lag and at Week 4 no more lag!!

Stupid Maple Story, they have their third anniversary event in their server for 1 month and they totally lagged out all the players outside Singapore, their people did something to the routers with Starhub and it caused people not using Starhub to have frequent freeze and disconnections.

I was put off, to the point of almost quitting, but then again, have some really nice friends in the game and i've enjoyed the game with my wife, takes off a bit of stress at home when you can just ignore everything and go in to hack and slash. Kill Kill Kill.

I do hope the game provider reimburse the money we spent which went to unproductivity for the entire month, and we didn't even manage to play properly for the anniversary event, they should just extend it to satisfy the players outside Singapore.

1 Month Hiatus

Hmmm my updates tend to be sparse nowadays, maybe there was loads of things to do, maybe i just got lazy, i wonder if i will ever stop this procrasination :P

Anyhow, about my last post, 1 finally got the vouchers 1 month after i won it, i think my mom received the mail yesterday, i forgot if it was registered mail or those courier mail. But they never told me how the prize will be sent to me, all the plans for father's day pizza was dashed, oh well. Still get to have a feast Wahahahah!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Leaves and Winnings

Leaves as in taking leave from your office for personal chores
and Winnings as in winning some contest or something good.

Bwahahah this is not the first time it happened, i was on leave yesterday, and was driving when i decided to try my luck with the local radio station Mix FM, to my surprise i got through even though i think i called in a little bit late. And after i gave my answer, i won a RM200 pizza hut voucher ^^.

Yay can bring whole family for feast liao. Bwahahahaha

Like i said this isn't the first time for this to happen. Last time when my wife and i was on leave and on our way back to Malacca, she also called in and managed to win 2 concert tickets to Coldplay concert in Singapore. The bad thing was we weren't able to make it to SG as we had other things to do. :(

But still, 200 bucks can eat until whole family full full, what with now all the prices going up, any winnings is encouraged, more more, money come money come :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mothers Day & Catchup

Ahem ahem, i think it's a wee bit late, but anyhow Happy Belated Mother's day ^^ to all mothers out there.

Oh ya, don't think i didn't celebrate it, because i did, celebrated it with my Mom In Law and my Mom one day after the other :) Lots of food and feasting.

Anyhow, thinking back, i think i've had 3 long weekends adding this week to it would be 4, almost every Monday or Friday there would be something going on which i would have to take leave or it is a Public Holiday, this coming Monday is Wesak day, so i'm looking forward to it too, another looong weekend, and another few feasting as we're having another feast at home for my Maternal Granddad's birthday.

Hmm rants now, if you ever go to North Port Klang to eat, do not go to Bagan Hailam Restaurant, FOOD & Service SUX*

*Defination of SUX in this place, we had to take our own utensils, we had to find our own tea cups, the teapot came without the cups, we had to wash our own hammers to use on the crabs, we spent 2 hours there waiting and eating our food, and the food is wayyyy below average.

Why we went there was to bring my uncle who just came back from New Zealand around to have some nice meals. We were actually stopping by the 2nd restaurant there which is air-conditioned (the 1st one which we usually went to has closed down) but one of my uncles said that this stupid Bagan Hailam is better. According to my wife and my other uncle, they have been to the one which we originally wanted to go to, and the food was decent. Ah well, another time maybe.

Anyhow after that silly stupid 1 hour travel to Klang just for some lousy food and another 1 hour travel home, we were too pissed and tired to rant anymore. :P

Ok on my trip back to Melaka(Malacca) fun trip this time, no more stomach aches or food poisoning, maybe because already boycott Oldtown. Bwahahaha!! Went around town the second day, it was hot hot hot, so we went to air cond places, something which i could also get in KL hahaha. Somehow the people in Melaka prefer Tesco to Giant, i went to both on the same day as my Mom in law wanted to get something from Giant after we went to Tesco. And the crowd just wasn't there on a busy Saturday afternoon. Tesco on the other hand is overflowing with people.

We also went to no 81, Jalan Tokong to get the usual pineapple tarts, (YUMMY & Wonderful tarts) Bought back 4 boxes, gave my mom 2 boxes to distribute to my sis and uncle. And took 2 boxes to Office for my colleagues to enjoy. RM11 for a box of 24 tarts. Cheap? But anyhow, it was wonderful, fragrant and very nice tasting. No pics forgot to take :P

Ooo ya next trip back to Melaka 7 & 8 June, any orders? :P, then i'm going to Cameron the weekend after that too ^^ yay, enjoy some more holidays, half a year once is fun, but still trying to save up for a Korea trip in March. I asked my travel agent friend about the tours organized, any English speaking tours, he answered mostly Mandrin and chinese speaking ones.... SIEN de...don't the English speaking ppl go on tours? I duno their language so i dono how to free and easy there. Main aim to go to Korea is to see their Sakura Flowers. Wheeee, never seen them on trees b4, hopefully will have enough money by then to go.

Cheers and until the next time!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quest for saving more money..Suggestions please...

How do people save money?

Last time when your pay was 500, you managed to save 200

When your pay was 1k you managed to save 150

When your pay was 2k you saved 100?

and now when your pay is 3 to 4k you say not enough of money....

How to save?

Any ideas?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cook Cook Cook

I've taken into cooking during weekends, first, i get to improve my culinary skills, second i save from eating outside.

Usually wifey and i will go to Midvalley to shop for the fresh stuff on Friday nights so that i can store over the weekend for cooking whatever we fancy. The condiments are getting more and more and more.

Mostly i make meals with chicken breast, since chicken is white meat, and it's better off than pork or beef. Sometimes i cook fish, or prawns with rice.

Tried a few meals over the past 2 weekends, some turned out ok, some didn't turn out so well. Have to tune my recipies a bit more. Hehehehe.

Ah well anyhow this one turned out quite nice, eat liao feel sleepy.

Ehh this is supposed to be red wine chicken. Got this recipe somewhere in the net since i dunno what to cook with the balance chicken. I didn't garnish it. Just me and wife eating nia

2 tablespoon Oil
garlic 2 clovers
half cup sugar
1 cup red wine (up to you how much u want to put)
pinch of salt
chili powder (i didn't put this as i didn't have it)

How to
-First, heat up the oil
-Put in the garlic and "pao hiong" ehh let it cook a bit for the smell
-Next put in the chicken pieces, depends on how you want to cut it also can
-Cook the chicken until you see no more pink bits, don't over cook as you still have to let it simmer in the red wine for a short while
- Sprinkle in the sugar, and chili powder(i didn't put this, dunno how it will taste if i put it)
- Pour the red wine around the chicken pieces, and slowly baste(use scoop to scoop the wine over the chicken) the chicken.
- Let it simmer together until the sauce thickens a bit, and then you can serve it liao, garnish it with whatever you want
- Warning this dish is a bit sweet, hahaha the sauce turned out like some char siu sauce, but with the red wine inside, :) Yum to me, don't know if anyone will like it ^^


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Maple Story Exclusive Watch

Hehehe, i'm still playing Maple Story, after work go home, grind 1 or 2 hours or more if the mood hits me, then i level up and so on and so forth, Just another avenue to unwind from daily work and traffic stresses.

Anyhow, being a supporter of the game, my wife and i buy their cash cards to show them support, these cards can be loaded in game to buy some virtual items which help out in the game.

We collected quite a stack of the cards already, and from time to time, they have events for you to redeem these used cards for gifts. And also other events like last year their birthday event at Cineleisure, (Packed) got some virtual game items which is only available for local market.

This time there was a Hotlink Asiasoft promotion at Sg Wang plaza about a month ago. We went there with our stack of used cards and was thinking of what to get. In the end we got a watch, special edition from Korea and with all the cute stuff in it. "Wife like cute game" i just play with friends inside :P Pics as above

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Floored by Food Poisoning

Happened over the weekend, wifey and i were enjoying our meal before going back to Melaka last weekend, we had our meal at Oldtown Kopitiam at Sri Petaling, was pleased with their service, but mana tau, kena food poisoning pulak

We both had the nasi lemak, and she took the white coffee cold, while i had a mocha blend.

I usually can detect if the meal is not fresh, but this time it escaped me, my wife got it worse than me vomitting and diarrhea for the whole of friday midnight till saturday. Then Sunday she got the fever, which is the balance of the toxin going off. I myself got the purging and vomitting on monday although lesser than my wife and then fever too.

On Tuesday it was basically sleep it off day, to rest off the toxins in the body, drink lots of water eat medicine and all. Haih!!!!, boycott liao now. no more Oldtown from now on.

Sien...luckily today feel better liao. Systems at 85% running

Monday, March 17, 2008

Can TNB do this?

Blunder my eletricity bills. BAH!!!!

First of all, somewhere last year, i got 2 bills for the same month, one is around RM64 and the other one is RM92. I was like duh, which is the right one?

Now this month, the problem with them is, they come as they like, they come late by 10 days in one month, and early by a week for another month and thus cause my bills to fluctuate.

I stay at an apartment, so there's no question of nobody opening the door for them to come in to write the bills.

Coming late one month will cause my units used to soar higher and thus i have to pay more on the higher priced block. While coming early, will also cause my next month's usage soar to higher units, and also cause me to have to pay for more higher priced electricity units.

Anyone know if TNB will attend to this kinds of complaints?

Shielded eyes

Why oh why, i just got into a minor argument with my dad the other day, about the riot rumours which is floating around and he's saying this and that and what not and etc etc....

I asked him where he got the information, he keep saying in an aggrieved voice that the TV news have just shown. I told him it's the main coalition's doing, and it's not all the bumi race which is protesting. He was worried and that turned into anger of course, but i just said, you only have mainstream media to look at and you judge by that.

See what the mainstream media can do to people's thinkings, especially those without internet access to the truthful and untwisted news.

People we basically have nothing to worry about. There's more bumi's who switched votes than non bumi's. Don't worry so much and don't let your eyes be shielded. Mainstream media is only good for sports news. ^^

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Car

Yay, at last the new car has arrived, I am so excited, i told my wife sexcited because ehhh, ahem, our own personal communication line, bwahahahaha.

Anyhow Honda City idsi- beautiful car, nice new colour, sparkle gray, and nice number too WRC XXXX !! World Rally Championship hehehehe, bought the number a day before and luckily it was still available.

Will take some pics and post them up soon, ... time to start my installments again :P

Peeved with it not having a digital clock BAH! And the floor mats being cream colour, gotta get some bucket floor mats for it soon.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Such an interesting weekend

I think the main coalition should have been played this song before the results start showing out.

And now, the end is near;
And so I face the final curtain.
My friend, Ill say it clear,
Ill state my case, of which Im certain.

Ive lived a life thats full.
Ive traveled each and evry highway;
And more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

(But the continuance of this song, doesn't fit anymore.)

Regrets, Ive had a few;
But then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption.

I planned each charted course;
Each careful step along the byway,
But more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Yes, there were times, Im sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew.
But through it all, when there was doubt,
I ate it up and spit it out.
I faced it all and I stood tall;
And did it my way.

Ive loved, Ive laughed and cried.
Ive had my fill; my share of losing.
And now, as tears subside,
I find it all so amusing.

To think I did all that;
And may I say - not in a shy way,
No, oh no not me,
I did it my way.

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught.
To say the things he truly feels;
And not the words of one who kneels.
The record shows I took the blows -
And did it my way!

Such an interesting weekend, and this is one of my favourite songs ever.

Cheers!! Onward Malaysia

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bahasa Inggeris??

I went into the SPR webpage, and i see this part there. Well although we as Malaysians should know BM in and out albeit a little. They should have actually just put there English instead of Bahasa Inggeris Right??

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Books i'm reading, Books i've read

Well if you notice on the right side of the page, in the links bar, i always put a book which i'm currently reading there.

I love books, they are one of the things which can pull me away from the computer for hours and hours.

The funny thing is when you're carrying a book around in office during lunch when you tapao for lunch, you will get alot of ppl saying "wah you so 'yau man fa' (civilized), read novel wor" Hahaha how do you reply to that, it seems like there's less and less people reading nowadays.

Especially the younger people. I think they tend to go online and read e books more than anything or even surf alot of stuff. But to me books is a good way to release stress, lose yourself in their imaginary world of fiction, sci-fi, fantasy and much much more.

I've basically completed the Robotech series when i was a teenager at school. I bought all the books from a bookfair when it was cheap and poured through the entire 18 novels 4 times.

I've also completed most of the Shannara series by Terry Brooks, and some other Terry Brooks novels, i've stopped reading him already lately. Dunno why.

The Lord of the Rings Triology, read that really alot of times, plus the book before it the hobbit, and also the Silmarilion (I think it's spelt that way) one of the most confusing books.

Nowadays i'm suddenly drawn into the ancient wars of the British which comes in the Sharpe Series written by Bernard Cornwell, when they were one of the world forces, fighting in India during the 1800's and in Europe against the French and Spanish. It's basically Historical Fiction
Sharpe is the fiction, but most of the fights, and the wars are all historically correct. There's also a historical timeline and clarification at the end of the books to let you know what really happened, I wonder why i wasn't so intrigued by history when i was in my schooling years.

Ah well, maybe Malaysian history isn't much to read about. Oh well :P

Time to go home, ^^ a filler post kekeke, i still am thinking if i should write about the election coming up....i guess not....dunwan to be attacked left right center by unwanted people

Friday, February 29, 2008

Wedding Day 2nd December 2007 Part 3 - Dinner

Woo hoo, i have so much to catch up and remember, and to post here as my online diary to let me remember what i reminiscant of when i grow older.

Like i said the busiest day of my life indeed.

After the makeup session at KL, my wife's friend dropped by to follow us to the Restaurant in Puchong. She came back all the way from SG to attend the wedding, a big THANKS to you, and you know who you are if you read this :)

Anyhow i drove to the Restaurant after the Studio Make up * I got some powder and ampulse to* bwahahah, the make up girl said, might as well use up the final bottle on you lo, make you look more handsome :)

On the way to the restaurant, i bumped onto my Wife's relatives in a convoy to the restaurant as most of them didn't know the place properly. They left very early though, and they did manage to make it to the restaurant earlier than the stated time.

So i reached the restaurant and the Wedding Cake was already there ^^ Wheee, thanks to the person who made the wedding cake, we ordered it and she delivered it earlier and set it up for us. , i love the cake and the cake tastes wonderful too *we had the cake directly after reaching home from the wedding* RICH CHOCOLATE! SINFUL!

Anyhow anyhow, back to my train of thoughts, must not be distracted, we greeted guests, left right up down they start to arrive from 6 something (Card stated 7 start), friends, families, relatives, colleagues, old school mates and more, actually 50% of the guests were my mom's and dad's friends :) (They say that your wedding is your parent's, and your child's wedding is yours) hahahaha. I think it's so true since they invite most of the guests.

The head's a big blank on that dinner time as there were still alot of last minute things, Thanks to those who helped me tons, like my cousin brothers who helped me with the reception and the ushering and the video arranging - which was later passed on to the restaurant manager who said they will handle it for us. (Yay) Notifying the Captain of where the 5 Vegetarian ppl will be seating. This restaurant is good because it allows the vegetarian people to sit at different places so that they can sit with the ppl they want to.

Well, i'm so glad most of my ppl came early, they reached b4 8, and we managed to start the dinner at 8. Which was good and early. My wife and I got ready to walk into the room with my two little flower girls (My nieces, sis's daughter and bro's daughter) My wife and i bought their cute little dresses for them, and my sister provided their mini hand bouquets. Cute or not :)

Anyhow, we walked into the roomfull of people, too many faces, hahaha, we can only smile smile and smile :) There was a lady waiter who was helpful in helping slow down the girls walk to slowly walk to the main table.

Well we seated when we were at the table and then dinner started very promptly. Very glad that it started early too. At first i thought i would have the time to enjoy the food....but NO can do. As adviced by the captain, if we need to change clothes, by the third dish, we have to go change clothes already.... T_T i missed some food and my friends all said the food was delicious that nite especially the fish 'loong tan' i think is giant grouper.

Well so we went off for changing and i my wife forgot to take something from the car, so i went back to my car to get the thing, my dinner was on the 2nd floor, when i reached the ground floor, i saw the ground floor wedding dinner only start with the couple walking into the room, we're already at our 4th dish, whew, lucky good friends and family all arrive early. Well i got the stuff needed ran back to the changing room and got ready and off we go again to walk into the room again. My wife changed to a traditional nyonya kebaya and i changed my coat to a mandrin collar coat :)

After the walk in again, in a short while the captain who also co-emceed for us called us up to stage for the "Yam Seng"(Toasting) session. First we had a pouring of the champagne on a pyramid of glasses and also cutting of the cake. Then the captain invited our parents to join us on stage for yelling time, Yelled my heart out, so happy hahaha. Well after that, the captain thanked our parents and they went back to take their seats, we were still to stand at the stage to give the KISS *MUACKS* he ask the ppl want us to kiss ma, ok lo i like to kiss my wife, so i kiss long long bwahahhaha. He say i ask u to kiss 20 second u kiss 2 minute, :P.

Well after that we went back to our seats, and then after another dish, we went rounding and yam senging the whole restaurant. FUN!!! NOISY!!! DRUNKEN!!! But it was all good :P i'm still sane and sober, although tipsy. Luckily i had my cousins all around with me to shout at every table. Some tables were my mom's friends, hehehe a bit tone down, but we still shouted our way through all the tables. Very hoarse after that day.

Reached my friends tables, i left their tables for last. Hehehe, so that even if i drink more now is still ok. They left me a whole cup of red wine, ok lo, drink, and force them to drink back. All in the merriment of the time. One of my friends, we always see him in T-Shirt n Jeans since his work doesn't require him to wear anything else, was dressed in Formal with TIE, WOOHOO!!!, i think one of my other friends conned him to tell him it's a Formal Tie affair. Hahahaha, ah well, we all had a good laugh and had alot of picture shots taken. Thanks to my friends who attended :)

Well so the rounds ended, and i think we managed to eat the final rice and sweet stuff, before we were standing at the door thanking people who came and wishing them good drive home, we also took more group photos with those who wanted to take some pics with us. Thanks to Alex our photographer who was there till the end. It was then around 10pm or before i think.

When the people were all gone, i was thinking, time to settle the bill, but my cousins they all who handled the reception with one of my aunt, had already gone to settle the bill. Hehehe turned out that all the ang pow money we took was handed to my aunt for safekeeping. While i was doing my rounds, my cousins were already in the changing room counting all the $$ and paid off to the restaurant.

We finished everything and left the restaurant at 10.30, early no ? :) which was good. Anyhow back home and had some hot tea and the wedding chocolate cake!! wonderful and rich. YAY!

Ok That was my wedding day. Most fun, wonderful and busy day of Our lives. Love ya wifey :) *MUACKS*

I will upload some pics :) not now though...hahahha

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wedding Day 2nd December 2007 Part 2

Well as i said, continuation of Part 1

Here's part 2

At around 12.30 we reached back KL, my driver and my friends were all flying at avg of 130, max at around 150...wheeee, what to do sports car ma. :P

Anyhow, when we got back, my nephew Bryan, who was supposed to open the car door wasn't awake yet, so my bro had to wake him up, little kid was very groggy, hahaha don't even know what's the hoo haa about.

My bro carried him to the car and helped him open the door, then my wife passed the ang pow to the kid. Went in the house, careful to walk over the threshold, all the elders say never step halfway into the threshold, step fully in. We then went to the room to rest a bit b4 the tea ceremony. This was becoz some of my relatives havent' arrived.

Anyhow, had some nice time snapping pics in the room with the kids, and friends and wife and all. Well after a short rest, we went down to start the tea ceremony time, gave tea to my parents, siblings and relatives. As usual wedding tea ceremonies are always noisy affairs, but it was all fun and happy.

After the tea ceremonies, we had more pictures taken, this time with my family and relatives. Then went up to the room again and took off my wife's veil for her. Then carried her onto the bed, formality wor...hahaha, but still it was fun. Asked the little kid break open the 'potty' to collect his ang pow again, and then some kids went up on the bed and ran around jump around.

Ah well, the first half of the day is done went downstairs again after all the pic taking to at least eat my lunch, then rested for an hour before rushing to the Bridal studio again for the make up session.

My wife had her makeup session while i dozed on a sofa in the studio....hahaha, what to do, SO TIRED!!!!

Part 3 the dinner

Monday, January 07, 2008

Wedding Day 2nd December 2007 Part 1

Now i can say that this was the busiest busiest busiest busiest day of my life, and i'm like blurred case on that day itself. Too many things to think of and not enough time to think.

Luckily i scrapped through. :) It was fun.

Chronicled Happenings
1st December 2007
Evening Pre Wedding Dinner, had a buffet dinner catered mainly for those who were unable to attend the wedding dinner. It was also a very very busy night for me, hahaha have to host around ma what to do. We had roast LAMB, Magnificanto!! glad everybody liked it YUM!! Thanks to JW, NY and BabeJie for coming and also all the rest of my friends. Oh ya, babejie thanks for the wonderful cupcakes and the brownie cake!!

I think i slept 1 am that nite hahaha, what to do excited mar :P , i don't even know if i really slept at 1 or later.

Next morning 2nd December 2007

5.30 am i woke up, but i slept back... was supposed to wake up earlier to get ready
5.45 woke up again :P
6.00 my photographer alex moi arrived bwahahahaha i'm in such a hurry
6.15 my friens all arrived and got ready a bit of food and drink
6.45 we're on our way to Malacca. Yay!! My bridal car is a Mitsubishi Evo 7, thanks Patrick :)
8.45 Reached my wife's house in Malacca. Then found out that we're earlier than the relatives :P
Had somemore food and drink, nice Kopi-O auntie now Mom In Law!! :P Maybe it's Aik Cheong Coffee, Malacca's famous one.

Time reached to break down the door of my wife's room. I was asked to read a poem, my friends helped me with some ahem drinks, then sang a song, gave some ang pows, then we asked them to open the door a bit so that my wife can hear louder, then while singing halfway we charged the door. Hehehe. Luckily didn't hurt my Mom in law, she was going to help us get in the room, dunwan them to play so long.

Well, after we got in the room, i knelt, gave the bouquet to my wife, changed rings, and kissed the bride. Asked her again to be my wife. (We already ROM 1 year ago. Still have to ask again to be my wife :P)

Took some pictures here, and then we went out to do the normal prayers, and also serve tea to the relatives. Getting ang pow in return and also we gave ang pows to the younger relatives who werent married yet. ^^

To be continued... with Part 2

Hibernation completed

Time to refresh this blog after a lot of encouragement to blog again by my wife and my friends.

They want me to continue writing. Ok i will think of something to write. Bwahahaha.

Ok give me some time to compose the next post :)