Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Merdeka Day, Fly the Flag for the Nation

For those in the vincinity of KL city area, you will most probably be hearing planes flying around.

Me and my colleagues have the chance to see them doing their acrobatics in the skies around KL tower these two days.

These planes are the MIG planes which Malaysia bought from Russia some years ago. Bloody manauverable and deadly planes. Anyhow they are not flying at their fastest speed else all the glass panes of your offices would have shattered.

It's really wonderful to see these machines work flawlessly.

Cheers and Happy Merdeka Day!! I'm going for a HOLIdAY far far away from KL :P

Friday, August 24, 2007

Base Jumping from KL Tower

Wheeee, KL tower is just behind my office, and i get to see them doing base jumping from the tower top down to the parks below, one fella was stuck just now and the Bomba had to get him down from the trees.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gafan Restaurant

Gafan Restaurant, known for their Clay Pot rice varieties and more stuff. Their shop is along Connaught Highway, but now they opened a branch in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Just got to know about it last Saturday, so i went with wifey on Sunday to find the shop, it's near the Badminton Courts, just on the same main road, quite easy to find. But the place was empty for lunch, don't know about their dinner crowd, the Cheras branch is always full for their dinner rush.

All the while i have preferred their prawn variety more than their normal ones, since the normal ones i can get better ones outside. Anyway, price went up, long time ago was 8 bucks per pot, then 9 bucks and now 10 bucks.

We took 2 pots one fish one prawn.

The Prawn was as good as usual, although 10 bucks now is a bit steep.

The Fish was also 10 bucks, not so nice, the meat was salty.

I also had a nice bowl of watercress soup "Sai yong choi" this was my favourite for all times at this restaurant, very very flavourful, look at all those ingredients in there...YUM!!

We had their 'kuk fa' drink too "crysanthemum"
Bill came up to 27 bucks for 2 ppl, ehhh steep!!

Business Hours
Mon - Sun 11am to 3pm
5.30pm to 9.30pm
Closed every forthnight Monday

Just in case you can't see it :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Faulty and Flawed

After the unwanted guest event, came some silly things which happened in the space of 1 week.

First, I was leaning against the kitchen counter while making my Morning oats, then i heard a loud crash, like porceline falling on the floor and breaking. At first i thought what fell and broke, until i felt a sharp pang of pain on my toe.

The tiles at the side of the kitchen counter where i was leaning on fell off and onto my toe and some onto the ground breaking on impact. Luckily it didn't cut off my toe. I checked the cement they put on the back of the tiles and they did put plenty, don't know why it didn't stick well, maybe their cement mix wasn't sticky enough. GAHHH!!!

Called the contractor and he delayed me like 1 month before he say he got someone to come to fix it, most probably this friday. Hopefully he keep his promise.

Secondly, the IKEA uplighter i bought for the house fused, i was turning the timing setter for the thing and my own stupidity for not turning off the power before doing it. The timer thing jammed between on and off for a moment, and next thing i know, i heard a 'poof' sound.

Checked the uplighter part by part, the fuse at the plug fused, the fuse at the dimmer fused, and the bulb fused too. BAH!!! I wonder if IKEA has warranty for lighting.

Oh well

Food Post : Honeyland

Hehehe, haven't posted for a few days, been really busy over the weekend, and for the next few weekends too, all are occupied up with events, this year really alot of events. Hmmmm

Anyway, some gastronomical affair, last Saturday went to Berjaya Times Square for the Rattatoie Movie, nice movie, I give it a 4 out of 5.

After that we went to Low Yat to pick up something which was owed to us.

Tried some foodstuff at it's LG, yum not bad. We went to the honeyland shop, in bettween the coffee shop and the bee's connection.

I had this Tomyam, had a choice of very spicy and normal, i went for normal and it was DELICIOUS. Cleared the bowl of everything inside it. Quite alot of ingredients too

Wifey took yong tau foo, very nice too according to her :)

And we had these for drinks, I took Sunflower Seed Honey and wife had the basic Honey lemon drink. Both drinks were great, none of the diluted stuffs.

The Bill came up to around 20something, hmm i think around 27, but that's what you expect eating at shopping malls.

Enjoyed it tremendously.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cute little devil

Snapped some pics of my little nephew after his bath,

His grandma wraps him like this after his bath everyday.

Really Cute.

The "SAMI" pose

SAMI pose number 2

Eh, Male Stripper Pose? Bwahahah

Some Pics of How the Unwanted Guest got in.

Well like i said i will post up some pics on how that bloody fella got into the apartment

Here are some pics.

A view from the outside corridor to my yard.
The guy must have held on to the grill for quite some time to saw through

View from Over 10++ flooors down to the bottom.
The fella was gripping onto my yard grill while sawing his way in.

Ehh my marking is not too clear, but i circled it red
That's where he sawed through and took out my small padlock.
Now changed to Big Padlock.

My storeroom, Already cleaned it back up
The fella only opened those boxes without tape on them. Grrrr.

After the Breakin, Paranoid liao, now put 2 Clasp for more security.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Of Idiots and @ssholes in the Offices all around

Have you ventured into the working world yet?

Well, have or haven't you will meet these kinds of people when you eventually join the rat race.

They kiss @ss to get to higher positions.

They play "Tai-Chi" when it's them to blame.

They never listen to facts, they rather listen to rumours. Or their friends.

They are super negative on all your ideas and views.

They are nice in front of you, but when you turn your back to them, you get backstabbed.

They always use a higher post person's name to try to win their arguments.

They are rude to most other people.

They are procrasinators and when the dateline arrives, they involve everyone in to get things done.

They slam the phone on you when they don't get what they want, even when they are of management level (Oh! Such Childishness)

They wait till the last minute to tell you important things just to make you stay for Overtime.

They arrange for Transfer of knowledge 1 day before the resigning staff who handles a very huge and critical project is leaving.

There's sooooo much more

Unwanted Guest at the New Apartment

Sigh, thinking back on this event, it was so unnerving, hated the insecurity feeling which prevailed for a long while at the apartment.

What the fella did was he sawed through the small ear of the yard grill. Imagine 10+ floor and he was hanging out from the grill. Really daredevil.

Came in and rummaged through some store room boxes. Making a mess of things too. The lazy burglar, he just opened the boxes which were not sealed with masking tape. The rest which were sealed he didn't even bother to open it.

There was a TV, a DVD player and some more electricals in the house, but none was taken.

Thank goodness that there wasn't valuable things like jewelry or money in the house then as we were in the midst of shifting in phase by phase, there wasn't really much things in the house.

I guess the fella was just in for a quick buck.

After that ordeal, we bought 2 thick metal clasps to clasp the yard grill, and one more for the balcony "just in case".

Hopefully no more unwanted events will happen.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Apartment

Well we just fixed up the new apartment not too long ago.

Now's the ending before fully shifting in, hmmm is moving in every night to sleep considered shifting in? Hehehe, since we're going back to my house every night to have dinner before coming home here.

House warming should be on the 8th September if all works out fine.

Quite packed if we have alot of people for the house warming, so i'm thinking of using the corridor outside, it's the end of the road and there's no exit at the end of the corridor, so i think can use the place.

Gonna split my friends and my family to arrive at lunch and dinner. If not the house really cannot handle 60 people alltogether. Hahaha, it's gonna collapse i think if there's so many people.

Some pics of the apartment and the furnishing :)

Sofa Set & Uplighter

TV cabinet with my old TV on it

The Kitchen Area

Dining Table & Shoe Cupboard

Get well soon!!

To wifey,

Get well soon.
You've been coughing non stop lately,
Very 'san fu' see you suffering from the cough and sleepless nights caused by it.

Love ya

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Broken Pic Links in Old Posts

Hehe, i apologize if you're trying to see the old posts, i think the links are all broken now except for the few which i uploaded into blogger. Anyhow, old pics are old pics :) New and better things to come. Yay

PC FAIR & The Izzi Wireless Broadband

Just grabbed a unit of these from PC Fair in August at KLCC Convention center.

Was actually searching for the Maxis Wireless Broadband since they SMSed me telling me that there's alot of rebates la this la that la. Around 200++ waived off, so it was quite interesting.

When i arrived there, first thing i did was to help my cousin purchase a notebook. Luckily i met a friend who used to work in Imbi Plaza like 10 years ago, he is now a supervisor for the company. So i think i got quite a good price for my cousin's notebook package.

After that we hunted for the Maxis counter. After talking for 15 minutes, i told them i'd sign up, After i told them where i'd stay which was 13'th floor of an Apartment lot, they said sorry sir, the service is not that good past 5th or 6th floor, and they don't want to risk giving me the package. ARGHHHHHHH.

PISSED that i couldn't get it. So i walked a bit more with my wife and my cousin, and the counter opposite maxis was promoting Izzi. A bit steep on the price though, 104 per month for the first year, and 98 per month on the continuous year. But they say they can hit up to 38th floor of KLCC, that should be good right? :)

So i carried the baby home and tried it out, woo, nice signal strength, 90++% signal strength at the apartment. Surfing and email reading is fine, youtube i haven't really tried out yet. The good thing is it's USB and i can plug it anywhere in my notebook, I've tried it in KL area and most of the places in the city center is 100% signal strength. Drawback is for games it's not that stable, alot of request time outs...Trying to solve with them this problem now :) Hopefully will yeild good results.

Why i am opting for this wireless stuff is because the apartment is a new place and there's no telephone line coming in yet. Gahhh!.....So this is the only way to go.

Some Pics of the Izzi iBurst USB device

Back for 1 Post or maybe more hopefully

Now it's been ages since i last posted, i think more than 2 years, anyhow, since most of my friends are posting posts. I think i will too, gotta learn how to post properly and save up my thoughts before i publish them.

First on hand

Wedding coming up on the end of the year.

Should be picking up my album somewhere in September *crosses fingers*
Hopefully everything turns out fine.

This is a fav pic of mine, although i didn't choose it for the album, there's another one just too similar :)