Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I am Mexican Food :P never ate mexican food b4

Was surfing thru babekl's blog and tried this survey.

You Are Mexican Food

Spicy yet dependable.

You pull punches, but people still love you.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Broke my Bed

Bah!!! i think i gotta go on a diet soon, or something to make me lighter....hehehe, this is cos i just broke my bed. Anyhow It's about time for the bed to break i think, since it's been around for ages....i think the bed frame was around for 10 years or so. Anyhow that day after i bathed i turned on my TV, then put in a classic DBZ cd into the player, and sat my kacheng back onto the bed to enjoy the show

Instead there was a big CRACK and the bed collapsed.. :P So i had to find a screwdriver to dismantle the bed. Now i'm doing FUTON style, the mattress on the floor, next time remind me to get a divan. No more bed frames.

Mebe i'll wait till the day i get married before getting a new bed.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Holidays Over ---> Work again

well, here i am again, holidays are over now and it's time to work again.

Cameron is definately a fun place to go. More of relaxing and enjoying the cooling air than having exhiliriating rides like Genting. Quiet, serene peaceful.

I had a blast of a time at there. Well i guess i'll show u with my pics. All taken with my phone camera....forgot to borrow my sis's digital cam :(

Here goes.

Day 1
Not many pictures taken. Rested mainly after the long 4 hour drive up there.

We Stayed Here In Country LodgeSome of the plants outside the hotel.
Not a very clear pic of the night market. It was shifted higher up the town, no longer in the town square next to the handicraft center. Had to ask a kacang putih man where it went :)

Day 2
Travelled most of Cameron today, went to Tanah Rata for lunch and a bit of walking around. Then went back to the hotel for a rest before heading towards Bharat Tea Plantations.
Having Lunch at Tanah Rata along the main road
A view of the main road shops
Picture of the Post Office at Tahan Rata, was testing out the self timer of my phone.
Nice or not? :)
Flowers, Flowers everywhere!!
Some pictures at a flower farm. Nice place cept for the farm helper following us around definately afraid we'll break his plants.

The Smokehouse
After that we dropped by at the Ol' Smokehouse. I had dinner here a few years ago, expensive and not nice, but the ambience inside was superb. Like babekl said "go and have tea there but not meals" I totally agree, they seat u by the fireplace, light up the fireplace and it's all warm and cozy.

Some pics outside the smokehouse.

Bharat Tea Plantation
Next off to the hotel and then to the tea plantation. Bharat tea plantation was just open 1 week when we arrived. Needs alot of cleaning up, and the tea brewer needs to be better at brewing tea.....but...3 bucks a cuppa tea....expensive. But u still will see me sipping away. Kena con liao. Hahahaha
Was trying panorama on my phone, breathtaking, just a bit of mistake in the merging a bit, but still the view was superb.
Self timer again. Hehe, i don't trust anyone with my phone, oh well.

The farm opposite Bharat Tea.
After a long day walking around, we settled down for steamboat for dinner. It was nice, but the wait was too long, and there were tons of ppl there most of all the restaurants were packed.

Steamboat!!! 14 bucks per so ler.

Day 3
Time to go home, checked out early, planned it so that we can visit the farms and markets along the way back. So here we are.
Me coming out of the lobby area.

Raju Strawberry Farm
We visited Raju Strawberry farm after i saw it on the map i bought, it is located opposite Equatarial Hotel, and i definately will recommend that place, not self pluck though, good reason given by the owner that if ppl pluck it will spoil the fruits. The fruits were sweet juicy and great tasting, NEVER EVER buy from markets, go straight to the farms to get them.
Red Juicy Strawberry.
Strawberries in a row
Rows n Rows of Strawberries.
The fruit n the flower.

The end products!!! YUMMY!!! I was in heaven with these two stuff.

Well i think that's about all of my trip to Cameron, Had the most wonderful time with my loved one. Horrid drive back home though. It rained all the way from Tapah to KL. SIGH!!! Monsoon season what to do. Good thing was i came back before Deepavali, so it wasn't jam at all, no traffic HOORAY!

Cheers until the next blog