Monday, January 07, 2008

Wedding Day 2nd December 2007 Part 1

Now i can say that this was the busiest busiest busiest busiest day of my life, and i'm like blurred case on that day itself. Too many things to think of and not enough time to think.

Luckily i scrapped through. :) It was fun.

Chronicled Happenings
1st December 2007
Evening Pre Wedding Dinner, had a buffet dinner catered mainly for those who were unable to attend the wedding dinner. It was also a very very busy night for me, hahaha have to host around ma what to do. We had roast LAMB, Magnificanto!! glad everybody liked it YUM!! Thanks to JW, NY and BabeJie for coming and also all the rest of my friends. Oh ya, babejie thanks for the wonderful cupcakes and the brownie cake!!

I think i slept 1 am that nite hahaha, what to do excited mar :P , i don't even know if i really slept at 1 or later.

Next morning 2nd December 2007

5.30 am i woke up, but i slept back... was supposed to wake up earlier to get ready
5.45 woke up again :P
6.00 my photographer alex moi arrived bwahahahaha i'm in such a hurry
6.15 my friens all arrived and got ready a bit of food and drink
6.45 we're on our way to Malacca. Yay!! My bridal car is a Mitsubishi Evo 7, thanks Patrick :)
8.45 Reached my wife's house in Malacca. Then found out that we're earlier than the relatives :P
Had somemore food and drink, nice Kopi-O auntie now Mom In Law!! :P Maybe it's Aik Cheong Coffee, Malacca's famous one.

Time reached to break down the door of my wife's room. I was asked to read a poem, my friends helped me with some ahem drinks, then sang a song, gave some ang pows, then we asked them to open the door a bit so that my wife can hear louder, then while singing halfway we charged the door. Hehehe. Luckily didn't hurt my Mom in law, she was going to help us get in the room, dunwan them to play so long.

Well, after we got in the room, i knelt, gave the bouquet to my wife, changed rings, and kissed the bride. Asked her again to be my wife. (We already ROM 1 year ago. Still have to ask again to be my wife :P)

Took some pictures here, and then we went out to do the normal prayers, and also serve tea to the relatives. Getting ang pow in return and also we gave ang pows to the younger relatives who werent married yet. ^^

To be continued... with Part 2

Hibernation completed

Time to refresh this blog after a lot of encouragement to blog again by my wife and my friends.

They want me to continue writing. Ok i will think of something to write. Bwahahaha.

Ok give me some time to compose the next post :)