Friday, May 30, 2008

Leaves and Winnings

Leaves as in taking leave from your office for personal chores
and Winnings as in winning some contest or something good.

Bwahahah this is not the first time it happened, i was on leave yesterday, and was driving when i decided to try my luck with the local radio station Mix FM, to my surprise i got through even though i think i called in a little bit late. And after i gave my answer, i won a RM200 pizza hut voucher ^^.

Yay can bring whole family for feast liao. Bwahahahaha

Like i said this isn't the first time for this to happen. Last time when my wife and i was on leave and on our way back to Malacca, she also called in and managed to win 2 concert tickets to Coldplay concert in Singapore. The bad thing was we weren't able to make it to SG as we had other things to do. :(

But still, 200 bucks can eat until whole family full full, what with now all the prices going up, any winnings is encouraged, more more, money come money come :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mothers Day & Catchup

Ahem ahem, i think it's a wee bit late, but anyhow Happy Belated Mother's day ^^ to all mothers out there.

Oh ya, don't think i didn't celebrate it, because i did, celebrated it with my Mom In Law and my Mom one day after the other :) Lots of food and feasting.

Anyhow, thinking back, i think i've had 3 long weekends adding this week to it would be 4, almost every Monday or Friday there would be something going on which i would have to take leave or it is a Public Holiday, this coming Monday is Wesak day, so i'm looking forward to it too, another looong weekend, and another few feasting as we're having another feast at home for my Maternal Granddad's birthday.

Hmm rants now, if you ever go to North Port Klang to eat, do not go to Bagan Hailam Restaurant, FOOD & Service SUX*

*Defination of SUX in this place, we had to take our own utensils, we had to find our own tea cups, the teapot came without the cups, we had to wash our own hammers to use on the crabs, we spent 2 hours there waiting and eating our food, and the food is wayyyy below average.

Why we went there was to bring my uncle who just came back from New Zealand around to have some nice meals. We were actually stopping by the 2nd restaurant there which is air-conditioned (the 1st one which we usually went to has closed down) but one of my uncles said that this stupid Bagan Hailam is better. According to my wife and my other uncle, they have been to the one which we originally wanted to go to, and the food was decent. Ah well, another time maybe.

Anyhow after that silly stupid 1 hour travel to Klang just for some lousy food and another 1 hour travel home, we were too pissed and tired to rant anymore. :P

Ok on my trip back to Melaka(Malacca) fun trip this time, no more stomach aches or food poisoning, maybe because already boycott Oldtown. Bwahahaha!! Went around town the second day, it was hot hot hot, so we went to air cond places, something which i could also get in KL hahaha. Somehow the people in Melaka prefer Tesco to Giant, i went to both on the same day as my Mom in law wanted to get something from Giant after we went to Tesco. And the crowd just wasn't there on a busy Saturday afternoon. Tesco on the other hand is overflowing with people.

We also went to no 81, Jalan Tokong to get the usual pineapple tarts, (YUMMY & Wonderful tarts) Bought back 4 boxes, gave my mom 2 boxes to distribute to my sis and uncle. And took 2 boxes to Office for my colleagues to enjoy. RM11 for a box of 24 tarts. Cheap? But anyhow, it was wonderful, fragrant and very nice tasting. No pics forgot to take :P

Ooo ya next trip back to Melaka 7 & 8 June, any orders? :P, then i'm going to Cameron the weekend after that too ^^ yay, enjoy some more holidays, half a year once is fun, but still trying to save up for a Korea trip in March. I asked my travel agent friend about the tours organized, any English speaking tours, he answered mostly Mandrin and chinese speaking ones.... SIEN de...don't the English speaking ppl go on tours? I duno their language so i dono how to free and easy there. Main aim to go to Korea is to see their Sakura Flowers. Wheeee, never seen them on trees b4, hopefully will have enough money by then to go.

Cheers and until the next time!