Tuesday, July 12, 2005

East vs West

Medicine. How would one rate it. Eastern aka Chinese Medicine better? Western Medication better? Or rather how one reacts to the medicine, or absorb them.

Basically what all of us are forced to do is to go for Western. Why? MC lor....hahahah what else....
Those chinese sensei wouldn't be able to give us MC which our current companies wil recognize or approve of.

So this is what i do, i go for the western kind, get the MC eat their medication, and then go into a bout of weakness stage where all the medicine pound all my internal immunization, and i end up looking like a zombie. Really, i don't know why, but that's what western medication does to me now.

Cough syrup from the docs, *ONE HECK OF A SUPERB SLEEPING MEDICINE* Take it and you get knocked out for 3 to 4 hours. Never ever drink it before driving. I seldom take it but that day since i was on MC, i said oh what the heck, and took two capfuls, (Round 1, KnockOut, Cough Syrup Wins) in 15 minutes time i was like drowsy, couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.....zZzZzZzZzZzZzZ slept for a total of 4 hours, when i woke up it was afternoon around 1 pm, i think my hunger woke me up, ate some stuff, took my second dose of medication, and drank another 2 capfuls of the cough medicine, (Round 2, KnockOut, Cough Syrup Wins 2-0)

Ugh, remind me never to take it again unless i really want to go to sleep.

2 weeks, 2 long weeks i've been having running nose, cough, sore throat, no fever though. Medication, medication, medication, i'm looking like a zombie now, green face, sleepy droopy eyes. No more i say.

So i went to the chinese guy, the one who asks you how you feel, then takes your right wrist, feels your heartbeat, for 10 seconds, then take your left wrist feels your heartbeat there for 10 seconds again, and diagnoses you. Cool eh, no stetoscopes, no thermometers, no needles. Then he tells me, you might be big sized (FAT) but you've got a very weak immunity. Sweaty palms is one sign he says. Okay, but i've had sweaty palms for ages.....mebe a sign of my weakness....or just being a sicknut. He said "I'll give you two bottles of medicine to make you "Oomph" ???? Viagra???? not really haha, i didn't know what the medication would do to me though."

So much fun, work for 3 and a half hours a day, and they get sundays off, and this place is packed :P he doesn't have a signboard, just this in front of the tabib cina.

So his nurse gave me 2 bottles of medicine, my wallet grew RM46 lighter, and he said come to him in a week after i finish the medicine. I can hear my wallet snickering that it's getting the diet i'm not. Bah! Anyhow, this is not the first time i came to him, mom brought me here the first time. I usually try out chinese medicine when the western ones can't heal me or get my condition to a better stage.

Took the medicine for the first time and WHOA!!!, adrenaline rush.....i can feel the tips of my fingers tingling, my face tingling, like blood rushing everywhere....what did he give me????? i still don't know.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cockroach's Final Fling

Hahaha, funny friends i have, the following is an extract from our email conversation, a short story of two cockroaches he found mating under his dining table around midnight.


The way I see it, the likely scenario would be like this:

A female and male cockroach were out to pub
Both had a coupla of drinks more than they should
Bump into each other
A sudden urge or longing
Grabbed each other by the err...antenna
Exchange hot kisses
Err..fingers and legs all over each other
You know, hot, passionate sudden explosion of sexual energy!

While fondling each other
Didn't aware they wandered into the town's central park (that means under
the dining table)
And then one thing leads to another
To cut short, they fug each other
Hot passionate and intense chugging and fugging! YAMADE!!!
So much so, they didn't took notice of the towering 5foot plus goliath
peering intently at them (gosh! That's me!!!) (wait, I happened to stumble
upon them doing it. I did not premeditate to go spying after mating

Too late! Realize they were exposed naked and couldn't run as fast as they
would be if they weren't at the moment stuck together!
Quick! Run here!
No, run there!
Aiyee! That goliath is still looking at us!
Female cockroach: It's all your fugging fault! All gung ho and say that no
one would be around here at this ungodly hour!
Male cockroach: me? what about you? You were particularly tearing my antenna
off! Lady! You weren't complaining in the first five minutes when we first
got here!!!
Female cockroach: shut up! And quickly think of a way out!
Male cockroach: yeah, why don't you flap your wings and I'll flap mine and
hope that we'll create such a big storm, it'll blew that fella away!

Spews of white foam hits both of them!
Oh no! chemical attack!
Unable to run or hide, both of them were hit badly by the white chemical,
repeatedly until both were covered in a thick paste!

Dying cockroaches: [in my next life, no more fugging in central park!]



Pretty vivid imagination he has, maybe he's just cranky because his wife is pregnant almost giving birth in a few month's time.

Cheers mate. Don't be so cranky lar. :P

Friday, July 08, 2005

A new beginning

Blog - My defination. A place to air my views, not needing to worry what others think of it. Or maybe not needing to care even. Maybe i'm right, maybe i'm wrong. hehe, but what the heck here's a try at it...again

6 months has passed since i last keyed in anything in my old blog. I've stopped it and recreated this new one, hopefully one which i will continue posting in.

Many things had happened since December. The Asian Tsunami which killed ....alot. Really depressing news as the country i'm in (Malaysia) has been hit too, albeit one of the least casualties. I had friends in Thailand who stayed near Krabi, where tons were killed by the raging waters. They were safe, thank god for that. They also said that that place is literally littered with bodies everywhere then. I wonder how it's now over there. Most probably cleared up.

I just found my other half in life in February with a person i treasure alot known her for around 2 years and at last i professed my love to her and i'm glad that she accepted me. Never ever had i felt so happy in life. I'm glad she gave me a chance to be with her and take care of her. Although i do have my shortcomings. I hope she will bear me out. :)

Work has never been busier ever since i joined the Company. This half of the year i've been like running everywhere and anywhere being more productive than i've ever been. All the better. I'm looking at a pay raise and a promotion, if that's available. Hopefully....hope, hope, hope. :)
Boss if you're reading this please know what to do OK? (fat chance he reads this hehehe)

Anyhow i'm sick right now, been sick for the past week or two, down with influenza, i still haven't gone for a blood test to see if it's dengue, hopefully not. Weather's not really too good lately, haze, hot, hot sun, heavy rain all of the sudden. Durian season, and as the old folks say, when the durian starts to come out.......it's gonna be a season where alot of people get sick. I guess they are right......Stupid fruit...although i like it when i'm feeling ok :P

Well cheers still. I have a bag of LION bread beside me, a bottle of cough syrup in front of me, and a big MUG of water.

LION Bread, Dunno why they call it that, someone point out it looks more like the Raffelesia flower. Hahaha...Heyyy the flower is smelly, the bread is yummy.

Big Mug Literally

Hopefully i can get well soon and then i will start posting about some other stuff.