Thursday, January 19, 2006


Heh, nah this is not a post about how to play tai-chi in company politics to save ur asses. But mainly a small tip on how to save ur asses from being scalded. Especially after you park your car under the hot sun.

Tip. Bring some nice pillows in the car. Good if you have a pillow the size of your car seat or a bit smaller oso can. When you park outdoors and you know the sun is gonna be strong, just place the pillow onto the seat you want to protect and eureka :P The pillow will absorb all the heat, and you won't have to arch your back from the hotness(non erotic) your behind is feeling all the time. :) Works for me all the time :)

Cheers hope this tip works for you.

Now my friends know why i bring pillows in the car....hahahah they thought it was for some erotic uses.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Okay here's a starter post about food, i love good food, the end.

Nah that's not all, i love all good food. Makes me feel happy all the while when the food is delicious and properly done. Inspired by me fren babe jie (U can visit her at She got recipies, i don't think i can whip up something, but i'll try food reviews if i ever remember to take enough pictures :P

Here goes, first entry, CAKES!!!

Nowadays, birthday cakes in normal confectionaries are sooooo expensive, being around 50 bucks for a kg of cake. Sponge cakes most of them i suppose, fruit cakes which are quite nice to eat if the fruits are fresh. Ugh if u get those which are a bit stale.

Well mom and sis's b'day were just 3 days apart so i decided to buy them a cake to celebrate together with new year's steam boat party at my house, togehter with the whole family.

I tried to get something not norm, so i got this cake from secret recipi.

Nice Eh, it's Chocolate Banana Cake, i bought it in Citrus Park, in Plaza OUG. I didn't know that they beautify the cake for you when you buy it, because the last time i bought it, which was like 3 years ago for a birthday, it wasn't topped, just written happy birthday blah blah blah, well still glad to see some changes.

I went and asked for Banana Chocolate cake, the counter girl asked me are you looking for CB? I was like Uhhhhh....i'm looking for Banana Chocolate cake(Because ididn't see any in their front line refrigerator i thought they ran out of it), and i don't know their short Acronyms for the cake, LOL, owell but the confusion was sorted out.

I paid 65 bucks for the cake and everyone was happy when they were devouring it at the end. The sides of the cake seems to dissappear faster than the inside slices...hahaha i guess everyone loves good chocolate.