Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trying to get healthier

I admit, i'm addicted to the internet, to computers and the works, the second i reach home, first thing i do is i turn on the computer, be it to surf facebook or play my online games.

So i try to get it out of the system. Sometimes i go out with wifey shopping, be it grocery or other stuff, on Wednesdays i go for a badminton session with colleagues, "Great to sweat it out" never knew sweat can be that smelly :P, and yesterday went for a bowling session with some old mates.

I think it's been almost a year since i last bowled, bowling is sooooo expensive nowadays, last time i used to be able to bowl for just 2 to 3 bucks a game (Student card) now it's like 5 bucks a game, and the places are usually packed.

Ah well, i must have not moved this way for so long as it's like creaking in the back and the knees when i'm stooping to release the ball, wahahaha, anyhow i still can reach 130 score, my usual average "Yay" still got my touch i suppose :P, First match 90+ (Ish i always set myself to 100 minimum, maybe this game i was trying too hard, second game 120+, and third game 130, ah well, better than nothing ^^.

After that, go home bathe, surf the net a bit (SEE I CAN'T GET RID OF IT) then zzzz. Peaceful sleep mustabe really tired.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Week 1 Lag, Week 2 Lag, Week 3 Lag and at Week 4 no more lag!!

Stupid Maple Story, they have their third anniversary event in their server for 1 month and they totally lagged out all the players outside Singapore, their people did something to the routers with Starhub and it caused people not using Starhub to have frequent freeze and disconnections.

I was put off, to the point of almost quitting, but then again, have some really nice friends in the game and i've enjoyed the game with my wife, takes off a bit of stress at home when you can just ignore everything and go in to hack and slash. Kill Kill Kill.

I do hope the game provider reimburse the money we spent which went to unproductivity for the entire month, and we didn't even manage to play properly for the anniversary event, they should just extend it to satisfy the players outside Singapore.

1 Month Hiatus

Hmmm my updates tend to be sparse nowadays, maybe there was loads of things to do, maybe i just got lazy, i wonder if i will ever stop this procrasination :P

Anyhow, about my last post, 1 finally got the vouchers 1 month after i won it, i think my mom received the mail yesterday, i forgot if it was registered mail or those courier mail. But they never told me how the prize will be sent to me, all the plans for father's day pizza was dashed, oh well. Still get to have a feast Wahahahah!!!