Friday, November 11, 2005

Broke my Bed

Bah!!! i think i gotta go on a diet soon, or something to make me lighter....hehehe, this is cos i just broke my bed. Anyhow It's about time for the bed to break i think, since it's been around for ages....i think the bed frame was around for 10 years or so. Anyhow that day after i bathed i turned on my TV, then put in a classic DBZ cd into the player, and sat my kacheng back onto the bed to enjoy the show

Instead there was a big CRACK and the bed collapsed.. :P So i had to find a screwdriver to dismantle the bed. Now i'm doing FUTON style, the mattress on the floor, next time remind me to get a divan. No more bed frames.

Mebe i'll wait till the day i get married before getting a new bed.



Anonymous said...

10 YEARS. Time to retire the bed after so many SUPPORTIVE years. Or, the bed owner has out grown the bed.

DC said...

yah the price should have depreciated until zero liao :)

zclyde said...
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