Thursday, January 19, 2006


Heh, nah this is not a post about how to play tai-chi in company politics to save ur asses. But mainly a small tip on how to save ur asses from being scalded. Especially after you park your car under the hot sun.

Tip. Bring some nice pillows in the car. Good if you have a pillow the size of your car seat or a bit smaller oso can. When you park outdoors and you know the sun is gonna be strong, just place the pillow onto the seat you want to protect and eureka :P The pillow will absorb all the heat, and you won't have to arch your back from the hotness(non erotic) your behind is feeling all the time. :) Works for me all the time :)

Cheers hope this tip works for you.

Now my friends know why i bring pillows in the car....hahahah they thought it was for some erotic uses.

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