Friday, May 30, 2008

Leaves and Winnings

Leaves as in taking leave from your office for personal chores
and Winnings as in winning some contest or something good.

Bwahahah this is not the first time it happened, i was on leave yesterday, and was driving when i decided to try my luck with the local radio station Mix FM, to my surprise i got through even though i think i called in a little bit late. And after i gave my answer, i won a RM200 pizza hut voucher ^^.

Yay can bring whole family for feast liao. Bwahahahaha

Like i said this isn't the first time for this to happen. Last time when my wife and i was on leave and on our way back to Malacca, she also called in and managed to win 2 concert tickets to Coldplay concert in Singapore. The bad thing was we weren't able to make it to SG as we had other things to do. :(

But still, 200 bucks can eat until whole family full full, what with now all the prices going up, any winnings is encouraged, more more, money come money come :)