Friday, July 08, 2005

A new beginning

Blog - My defination. A place to air my views, not needing to worry what others think of it. Or maybe not needing to care even. Maybe i'm right, maybe i'm wrong. hehe, but what the heck here's a try at it...again

6 months has passed since i last keyed in anything in my old blog. I've stopped it and recreated this new one, hopefully one which i will continue posting in.

Many things had happened since December. The Asian Tsunami which killed ....alot. Really depressing news as the country i'm in (Malaysia) has been hit too, albeit one of the least casualties. I had friends in Thailand who stayed near Krabi, where tons were killed by the raging waters. They were safe, thank god for that. They also said that that place is literally littered with bodies everywhere then. I wonder how it's now over there. Most probably cleared up.

I just found my other half in life in February with a person i treasure alot known her for around 2 years and at last i professed my love to her and i'm glad that she accepted me. Never ever had i felt so happy in life. I'm glad she gave me a chance to be with her and take care of her. Although i do have my shortcomings. I hope she will bear me out. :)

Work has never been busier ever since i joined the Company. This half of the year i've been like running everywhere and anywhere being more productive than i've ever been. All the better. I'm looking at a pay raise and a promotion, if that's available. Hopefully....hope, hope, hope. :)
Boss if you're reading this please know what to do OK? (fat chance he reads this hehehe)

Anyhow i'm sick right now, been sick for the past week or two, down with influenza, i still haven't gone for a blood test to see if it's dengue, hopefully not. Weather's not really too good lately, haze, hot, hot sun, heavy rain all of the sudden. Durian season, and as the old folks say, when the durian starts to come's gonna be a season where alot of people get sick. I guess they are right......Stupid fruit...although i like it when i'm feeling ok :P

Well cheers still. I have a bag of LION bread beside me, a bottle of cough syrup in front of me, and a big MUG of water.

LION Bread, Dunno why they call it that, someone point out it looks more like the Raffelesia flower. Hahaha...Heyyy the flower is smelly, the bread is yummy.

Big Mug Literally

Hopefully i can get well soon and then i will start posting about some other stuff.

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Calvin aka Savien said...

Congrats on your new blog.... and major celebrations on finally finding ur other half... It not easy to get to know one each other for so long and finally decides to take it to the next step. I am glad that you finally decide to leave the singlehood hehehe... As for me... I am back to the singlehood.... Time to relax and rest for awhile before I start my journey again...