Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cockroach's Final Fling

Hahaha, funny friends i have, the following is an extract from our email conversation, a short story of two cockroaches he found mating under his dining table around midnight.


The way I see it, the likely scenario would be like this:

A female and male cockroach were out to pub
Both had a coupla of drinks more than they should
Bump into each other
A sudden urge or longing
Grabbed each other by the err...antenna
Exchange hot kisses
Err..fingers and legs all over each other
You know, hot, passionate sudden explosion of sexual energy!

While fondling each other
Didn't aware they wandered into the town's central park (that means under
the dining table)
And then one thing leads to another
To cut short, they fug each other
Hot passionate and intense chugging and fugging! YAMADE!!!
So much so, they didn't took notice of the towering 5foot plus goliath
peering intently at them (gosh! That's me!!!) (wait, I happened to stumble
upon them doing it. I did not premeditate to go spying after mating

Too late! Realize they were exposed naked and couldn't run as fast as they
would be if they weren't at the moment stuck together!
Quick! Run here!
No, run there!
Aiyee! That goliath is still looking at us!
Female cockroach: It's all your fugging fault! All gung ho and say that no
one would be around here at this ungodly hour!
Male cockroach: me? what about you? You were particularly tearing my antenna
off! Lady! You weren't complaining in the first five minutes when we first
got here!!!
Female cockroach: shut up! And quickly think of a way out!
Male cockroach: yeah, why don't you flap your wings and I'll flap mine and
hope that we'll create such a big storm, it'll blew that fella away!

Spews of white foam hits both of them!
Oh no! chemical attack!
Unable to run or hide, both of them were hit badly by the white chemical,
repeatedly until both were covered in a thick paste!

Dying cockroaches: [in my next life, no more fugging in central park!]



Pretty vivid imagination he has, maybe he's just cranky because his wife is pregnant almost giving birth in a few month's time.

Cheers mate. Don't be so cranky lar. :P


Calvin aka Savien said...

Hahaha... He got another one bout cicaks hehehe.. I really think he is having some pre-traumatic stress disorder ....

babe_kl said...

i think yr fren is horny not cranky hehehe

DC said...

ahahahah cranky horny, all the same, he haven't been using his light sabre in a while mebe....hahaha babe, was ur hubby the same way when you went into advanced pregnancy? :P