Monday, November 05, 2007

Steamboat @ Home

Sorry about the lack of updates. Alot of things to do for the wedding and plans. :)

Now we've gotta continue thinking of ideas on how to maintain our diet, low carbs low carbs, what to eat what to eat.

So we thought of steamboat.

Took a portable stove from my mom's house with a cannister of gas.

Bought some Ikan Parang Fishball, some Meatballs, loads of 'Fu-Chuk', some vege, and 5 prawns, 1 chicken breast, all from OUG market.

Also bought some ikan bilis and boiled the soup with them earlier.

Very easy to make and simply delicious and enjoyable. Also cheaper than outside steamboat too :P

For 2 ppl the price of the things came up to ehh 15 dollars? ok le, simply delicious with real ikan bilis in the soup and not some MSG stuff.