Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I looked at the scales this morning after 30 days of changed diet

Hehehe, sorry for the lack of updates, been busy with alot of things, wedding planning, stuff this that or sometimes a bit lazy, play games etc etc.

Today this morning i looked at the scales, it shows that i'm 4.5kg lighter than i was 30 days ago. Heck an achievement for me. I've never lost weight before only gained them. Bwahahahaha.

Damn happy, and i didn't even go on any supplements. One 2 hour badminton session, ehhh, nothing much of an exercise after that unless you consider typing on the keyboard exercise for fingers. :P

What i ate in the 4 weeks

Sausages/Eggs(many styles of cooking)/Ham/Fish Nuggets/Cucumbers/Dim Sum(1 time)/Burger Patties.

Mix rice without the rice, heh, 2 meat 1 vege, 1 meat 2 vege, eggs from time to time.
Mc donalds nuggets and ayam goreng everything a-la-carte, Didn't touch any soft drinks at all. Go for the mineral water :P
Cook own chicken kunyit, kari goreng tenggirri, other stuffs.
Pan Mee (1 time)

Kenny Rogers roasters
McD - burgers without buns, nuggets, fried chicken.
Manhattan fish market - too bad they don't have salads with their fish only rice and fries.
Own Cook food
Steamboat 2 occassions :)
Chinese Restaurants, one fish one soup one taufu most of the time, or replace fish with meat. sweet n sour also can.
Yong Tau Foo

Nuggets, Oranges, Pears, Apples, Cheese slices, Peanuts, Cashew nuts, Almond Nuts.
Baskin Robin (1 time only)

Drinks - Lots of plain water, i still drink english tea during tea breaks in office.

Hmm that's all i remember. There has to be more, but i don't quite remember all.
First of all, the first week is hard to bear, but when you get past that feeling of lethargicness (lower sugar level) it's fine. And now not eating rice is a good habit.

Still have a bit of splurges from time to time if you see the food i ate, but no sugared drinks like coke and such is good.

Avoid refined carbs, go for natural food.

Cheers!! If i can do it so can you!! 4.5kg kakaka, i wonder if it will go higher or lower after my wedding.


YozoraNiteSky said...

congratulations dcyk. losing weight at your rate is better then those who went on the british heart foundation diet.. 3kg and more within 3 days.. sounds a bit scary and that diet is hard as it means starving.. for me lah. I might just follow some of the meals that you had but not all lah.. being the greedy glutton that I am :P

MerDuriaN said...

lol take mcD as your meal also can changed diet huh? not bad oh. anyway should greet your happy forever with your wife

dcyk said...

hehehe, the first 3 kg was damn easy to get rid off, then slowly slowly it stagnanted until i thought, eh i cannot lose anymore weight, but after 30 days, my weight is continuously coming down again.

merdurian, of cos can, first don't take burgers, the buns are carbs, second don't take soft drinks and ice cream or sweet things, the main thing of this diet is to cut off alot of sugar from your diet.

Now i'm 5KG lower than i was 30 days ago :P

dcyk said...

oh ya and thanks for the greeting :)

babe_kl said...

you forgot to include the piece of choc chip cookies you couldnt resist hehehe

dcyk said...

kakaka ya that, and yoghurt and also 3 slices of your delicious orange cheese cake, lou po don't scold me ok :P