Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wedding Day 2nd December 2007 Part 2

Well as i said, continuation of Part 1

Here's part 2

At around 12.30 we reached back KL, my driver and my friends were all flying at avg of 130, max at around 150...wheeee, what to do sports car ma. :P

Anyhow, when we got back, my nephew Bryan, who was supposed to open the car door wasn't awake yet, so my bro had to wake him up, little kid was very groggy, hahaha don't even know what's the hoo haa about.

My bro carried him to the car and helped him open the door, then my wife passed the ang pow to the kid. Went in the house, careful to walk over the threshold, all the elders say never step halfway into the threshold, step fully in. We then went to the room to rest a bit b4 the tea ceremony. This was becoz some of my relatives havent' arrived.

Anyhow, had some nice time snapping pics in the room with the kids, and friends and wife and all. Well after a short rest, we went down to start the tea ceremony time, gave tea to my parents, siblings and relatives. As usual wedding tea ceremonies are always noisy affairs, but it was all fun and happy.

After the tea ceremonies, we had more pictures taken, this time with my family and relatives. Then went up to the room again and took off my wife's veil for her. Then carried her onto the bed, formality wor...hahaha, but still it was fun. Asked the little kid break open the 'potty' to collect his ang pow again, and then some kids went up on the bed and ran around jump around.

Ah well, the first half of the day is done went downstairs again after all the pic taking to at least eat my lunch, then rested for an hour before rushing to the Bridal studio again for the make up session.

My wife had her makeup session while i dozed on a sofa in the studio....hahaha, what to do, SO TIRED!!!!

Part 3 the dinner

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