Friday, February 29, 2008

Wedding Day 2nd December 2007 Part 3 - Dinner

Woo hoo, i have so much to catch up and remember, and to post here as my online diary to let me remember what i reminiscant of when i grow older.

Like i said the busiest day of my life indeed.

After the makeup session at KL, my wife's friend dropped by to follow us to the Restaurant in Puchong. She came back all the way from SG to attend the wedding, a big THANKS to you, and you know who you are if you read this :)

Anyhow i drove to the Restaurant after the Studio Make up * I got some powder and ampulse to* bwahahah, the make up girl said, might as well use up the final bottle on you lo, make you look more handsome :)

On the way to the restaurant, i bumped onto my Wife's relatives in a convoy to the restaurant as most of them didn't know the place properly. They left very early though, and they did manage to make it to the restaurant earlier than the stated time.

So i reached the restaurant and the Wedding Cake was already there ^^ Wheee, thanks to the person who made the wedding cake, we ordered it and she delivered it earlier and set it up for us. , i love the cake and the cake tastes wonderful too *we had the cake directly after reaching home from the wedding* RICH CHOCOLATE! SINFUL!

Anyhow anyhow, back to my train of thoughts, must not be distracted, we greeted guests, left right up down they start to arrive from 6 something (Card stated 7 start), friends, families, relatives, colleagues, old school mates and more, actually 50% of the guests were my mom's and dad's friends :) (They say that your wedding is your parent's, and your child's wedding is yours) hahahaha. I think it's so true since they invite most of the guests.

The head's a big blank on that dinner time as there were still alot of last minute things, Thanks to those who helped me tons, like my cousin brothers who helped me with the reception and the ushering and the video arranging - which was later passed on to the restaurant manager who said they will handle it for us. (Yay) Notifying the Captain of where the 5 Vegetarian ppl will be seating. This restaurant is good because it allows the vegetarian people to sit at different places so that they can sit with the ppl they want to.

Well, i'm so glad most of my ppl came early, they reached b4 8, and we managed to start the dinner at 8. Which was good and early. My wife and I got ready to walk into the room with my two little flower girls (My nieces, sis's daughter and bro's daughter) My wife and i bought their cute little dresses for them, and my sister provided their mini hand bouquets. Cute or not :)

Anyhow, we walked into the roomfull of people, too many faces, hahaha, we can only smile smile and smile :) There was a lady waiter who was helpful in helping slow down the girls walk to slowly walk to the main table.

Well we seated when we were at the table and then dinner started very promptly. Very glad that it started early too. At first i thought i would have the time to enjoy the food....but NO can do. As adviced by the captain, if we need to change clothes, by the third dish, we have to go change clothes already.... T_T i missed some food and my friends all said the food was delicious that nite especially the fish 'loong tan' i think is giant grouper.

Well so we went off for changing and i my wife forgot to take something from the car, so i went back to my car to get the thing, my dinner was on the 2nd floor, when i reached the ground floor, i saw the ground floor wedding dinner only start with the couple walking into the room, we're already at our 4th dish, whew, lucky good friends and family all arrive early. Well i got the stuff needed ran back to the changing room and got ready and off we go again to walk into the room again. My wife changed to a traditional nyonya kebaya and i changed my coat to a mandrin collar coat :)

After the walk in again, in a short while the captain who also co-emceed for us called us up to stage for the "Yam Seng"(Toasting) session. First we had a pouring of the champagne on a pyramid of glasses and also cutting of the cake. Then the captain invited our parents to join us on stage for yelling time, Yelled my heart out, so happy hahaha. Well after that, the captain thanked our parents and they went back to take their seats, we were still to stand at the stage to give the KISS *MUACKS* he ask the ppl want us to kiss ma, ok lo i like to kiss my wife, so i kiss long long bwahahhaha. He say i ask u to kiss 20 second u kiss 2 minute, :P.

Well after that we went back to our seats, and then after another dish, we went rounding and yam senging the whole restaurant. FUN!!! NOISY!!! DRUNKEN!!! But it was all good :P i'm still sane and sober, although tipsy. Luckily i had my cousins all around with me to shout at every table. Some tables were my mom's friends, hehehe a bit tone down, but we still shouted our way through all the tables. Very hoarse after that day.

Reached my friends tables, i left their tables for last. Hehehe, so that even if i drink more now is still ok. They left me a whole cup of red wine, ok lo, drink, and force them to drink back. All in the merriment of the time. One of my friends, we always see him in T-Shirt n Jeans since his work doesn't require him to wear anything else, was dressed in Formal with TIE, WOOHOO!!!, i think one of my other friends conned him to tell him it's a Formal Tie affair. Hahahaha, ah well, we all had a good laugh and had alot of picture shots taken. Thanks to my friends who attended :)

Well so the rounds ended, and i think we managed to eat the final rice and sweet stuff, before we were standing at the door thanking people who came and wishing them good drive home, we also took more group photos with those who wanted to take some pics with us. Thanks to Alex our photographer who was there till the end. It was then around 10pm or before i think.

When the people were all gone, i was thinking, time to settle the bill, but my cousins they all who handled the reception with one of my aunt, had already gone to settle the bill. Hehehe turned out that all the ang pow money we took was handed to my aunt for safekeeping. While i was doing my rounds, my cousins were already in the changing room counting all the $$ and paid off to the restaurant.

We finished everything and left the restaurant at 10.30, early no ? :) which was good. Anyhow back home and had some hot tea and the wedding chocolate cake!! wonderful and rich. YAY!

Ok That was my wedding day. Most fun, wonderful and busy day of Our lives. Love ya wifey :) *MUACKS*

I will upload some pics :) not now though...hahahha


Hor*ny Ang Moh said...

Congratulation! So how it feel to be a husband???
Have a nice day!

dcyk said...

ehhh same same only, hahaha, just got license to populate the earth legally :)