Thursday, April 03, 2008

Maple Story Exclusive Watch

Hehehe, i'm still playing Maple Story, after work go home, grind 1 or 2 hours or more if the mood hits me, then i level up and so on and so forth, Just another avenue to unwind from daily work and traffic stresses.

Anyhow, being a supporter of the game, my wife and i buy their cash cards to show them support, these cards can be loaded in game to buy some virtual items which help out in the game.

We collected quite a stack of the cards already, and from time to time, they have events for you to redeem these used cards for gifts. And also other events like last year their birthday event at Cineleisure, (Packed) got some virtual game items which is only available for local market.

This time there was a Hotlink Asiasoft promotion at Sg Wang plaza about a month ago. We went there with our stack of used cards and was thinking of what to get. In the end we got a watch, special edition from Korea and with all the cute stuff in it. "Wife like cute game" i just play with friends inside :P Pics as above