Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Floored by Food Poisoning

Happened over the weekend, wifey and i were enjoying our meal before going back to Melaka last weekend, we had our meal at Oldtown Kopitiam at Sri Petaling, was pleased with their service, but mana tau, kena food poisoning pulak

We both had the nasi lemak, and she took the white coffee cold, while i had a mocha blend.

I usually can detect if the meal is not fresh, but this time it escaped me, my wife got it worse than me vomitting and diarrhea for the whole of friday midnight till saturday. Then Sunday she got the fever, which is the balance of the toxin going off. I myself got the purging and vomitting on monday although lesser than my wife and then fever too.

On Tuesday it was basically sleep it off day, to rest off the toxins in the body, drink lots of water eat medicine and all. Haih!!!!, boycott liao now. no more Oldtown from now on.

Sien...luckily today feel better liao. Systems at 85% running