Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And then there was a trip, and a leak, and another leak

Time after time, the shoddy workmanship of the apartment i'm staying in is starting to surface, firstly the fuse box, one of the fuses which don't usually fail, failed, it keep tripping and i thought that it was my computers which were giving the trouble.

Well long story cut short, after removing one after another appliance from the sockets leading to the fuse box, it still trip, so concluded that it was the stupid fuse thingy which is spoilt being too sensitive. Luckily my Father in law bought some spares to keep in the house, he's a TNB engineer so he knows these stuff, had to call him in Malacca to get directions on how to remove the fuse from the fuse box.

There's a catch in the circled place, just have to use a flat screw driver to pull it down before removing/installing into the fuse box

LOL it isn't as easy as i thought, at first i tried to do it myself (after turning off the main power of course) and i was pulling tugging and all, but i can't get it out, hahaha this was actually my first try at doing something to the fuse box. Called my Father in Law and he told me that there's a catch at the bottom which needs to be pulled down to release the fuse.

Well after doing that, till today, there was no more problems no more trips to the computers, and to think i almost threw away my PK Auto Voltage Regulator because i thought it was spoilt. :P

Well after that, was over, i think after another week, a leak sprung under my sink, it was actually the draining part which was leaking, the plasticky thing under the sink wasn't holding in place and the screw to hold it in place has lost it's gear "wat nga"(cantonese), i went to carrefour to get a set back, and it didn't match.

The leak sprung from the top of this thing, the connection to the sink was bad, and the rubber piece was brittle

Luckily my aunt, who's a hoarder of loads of stuffs for Just In Case situations had a few sets of these stuff at her home, so i took some from her to try out, and well i managed to get it fixed back in, and i fixed the leak, yay DIY again.

Lastly, yesterday, i was in my Brother in Law's room, and chit chatting with him about his Apple notebook, when i suddenly looked up, and i was shocked that there was watermark on the ceiling abestos. ARGHHHHH!!!, i immediately took the huge step ladder and climbed up into the raftings to take a look, and found out where it was leaking.

Note : Not as extensive as this pic which i took from google images :) LUCKILY

The pipe between the two bathrooms which leads over my brother in law's room sprung a leak, and the water was slowly dripping and it was dripping directly into his Air Conditioning unit. Well i made them all quickly take their baths, and turned off the mains and released all the water from the pipes so that there's no pressure there.

Asked wifey if i can fix it or not, she say leave it to the pro's, so i took half day leave, called the plumbers, and got it fixed in a jiffy, cost 180 bucks and half a day's leave. They changed a stretch of 12 feet pipe with a pvc pipe which they brought along. They showed me the original pipe and the one which they changed in, the quality is double the thickness.

ABS Pipe, blue colour, but the developer used one which was way thinner than this, the pvc pipe i changed to was grey colour and the thickness of the walls of the pipe was like this pipe pic.

The pipes which the developer used was very lousy, brittle, thin walls and CHEAP. All these fixes i had to do was because the stupid developer's quality is damn lousy. If you want to know, the developer is Zeus.

Although this is a low/medium cost apartment, i still feel that they should at least make it better. The lifts are different shapes, i wonder which second hand shop they got the lifts from. :(

Add On 21/08/08 : I forgot, the toilet flush lever broke too in one of the two toilets, talk about lousy quality stuff. I bought a metal one at ACE hardware and replaced the lever for 9 bucks.

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