Monday, August 11, 2008

I got rewarded for my loyalty

LOL, Ok, i'm sorry for taking so long to post another post, my friends/readers have been telling me, post la, waiting to read your posts.

Here is what the title of this post is about, I went back to Malacca last Saturday, and before that i was telling my wife that i wanted to reload my TnG card at the Add Value lane at the Plus highway, well, wifey said that if there's alot of cars at that lane, then can use her card and go thru first, then come back only reload from Malacca side, since that's less people loading there.

When we reached the lane there was like 10 cars in front of me, so i was like oh ok, nevermind la wait a bit. When it reached my turn, i haded the girl 100 bucks and the card. Then like normal the operator reloaded it, beeped at the machine and gave the card back to me with the receipt. I drove off.

I then passed the card and the receipt to my wife and she say OMG why so much de? I was like what so much, she say the receipt said 400 bucks. I was like is it the printer problem, not clear printing. She say 'No' it's 400 bucks. My bro in law who was sitting at the back seat also said he say 400+ on the display board when the operator beeped my card and was wondering why i reloaded so much.

Oh well, i didn't turn back as there's no way to turn back, and i'm still not sure if it's 100 or 400 as i didn't see the board and the receipt, driving on the highway must be alert cannot simply look anywhere else. So by the time we reached Malacca, i beeped thru the machine and it really showed 400 bucks ++ WOW. Bonus ^^


Pick Shan said...

wahhh lucky for you but unlucky for the toll booth operator cos he/she will hv to fork out the RM300 from own pocket to cover up

dcyk said...

what to do le, plus make so much money from us :P