Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bahasa Inggeris??

I went into the SPR webpage, and i see this part there. Well although we as Malaysians should know BM in and out albeit a little. They should have actually just put there English instead of Bahasa Inggeris Right??


CY said...

Oh, they're a little bit different actually...

In English, "semakan ke" is translated as "Check number". In Bahasa Inggeris, it is "checking to"!

Bahasa + Inggeris, geddit? Wahahah! xD

dcyk said...

wahahahaha, what to do, haih, spr webbie is so unupdated, they should also have all those candidates where they are and update them as the pollings and countings go on, instead of waiting for the papers/tv to show them.

It's the age of technology, not stone age....sigh