Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Car

Yay, at last the new car has arrived, I am so excited, i told my wife sexcited because ehhh, ahem, our own personal communication line, bwahahahaha.

Anyhow Honda City idsi- beautiful car, nice new colour, sparkle gray, and nice number too WRC XXXX !! World Rally Championship hehehehe, bought the number a day before and luckily it was still available.

Will take some pics and post them up soon, ... time to start my installments again :P

Peeved with it not having a digital clock BAH! And the floor mats being cream colour, gotta get some bucket floor mats for it soon.


Stupe said...

Wopw! COngrats! The smell of new car...the wonder of new drive.

Eh, rahter than those ugly bucket mat, why not settle for those 3M or 3M look alike mat? those that look like bulu one. But don't go for those cheap RM10 for 5 pieces one, go for those of at least 10mm thick. :) Trap dust and give class!

dcyk said...

hehehe, yuea the smell of new car is cool, i scared those 3M mat when touch dog shit very hard to clean out le.

Bucket mats can hold the stones inside ma...dunno leh good or not.

Anyhow i found out how to set the clock in the audio player, now it will auto show clock ^^