Monday, March 17, 2008

Can TNB do this?

Blunder my eletricity bills. BAH!!!!

First of all, somewhere last year, i got 2 bills for the same month, one is around RM64 and the other one is RM92. I was like duh, which is the right one?

Now this month, the problem with them is, they come as they like, they come late by 10 days in one month, and early by a week for another month and thus cause my bills to fluctuate.

I stay at an apartment, so there's no question of nobody opening the door for them to come in to write the bills.

Coming late one month will cause my units used to soar higher and thus i have to pay more on the higher priced block. While coming early, will also cause my next month's usage soar to higher units, and also cause me to have to pay for more higher priced electricity units.

Anyone know if TNB will attend to this kinds of complaints?


keeyit said...

Oo.. weird le your case.. I havent encountered this case before la.. but I got a place for you to do the aduan.. hahaha..

check out this website.. Hope this help la..

dcyk said...

okok, thanks for the link, will check it out. :)