Monday, March 17, 2008

Shielded eyes

Why oh why, i just got into a minor argument with my dad the other day, about the riot rumours which is floating around and he's saying this and that and what not and etc etc....

I asked him where he got the information, he keep saying in an aggrieved voice that the TV news have just shown. I told him it's the main coalition's doing, and it's not all the bumi race which is protesting. He was worried and that turned into anger of course, but i just said, you only have mainstream media to look at and you judge by that.

See what the mainstream media can do to people's thinkings, especially those without internet access to the truthful and untwisted news.

People we basically have nothing to worry about. There's more bumi's who switched votes than non bumi's. Don't worry so much and don't let your eyes be shielded. Mainstream media is only good for sports news. ^^

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YozoraNiteSky said...

newspapers these days are good only for one thing.... and it is to wrap dog's pooh.:D