Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Merdeka Day, Fly the Flag for the Nation

For those in the vincinity of KL city area, you will most probably be hearing planes flying around.

Me and my colleagues have the chance to see them doing their acrobatics in the skies around KL tower these two days.

These planes are the MIG planes which Malaysia bought from Russia some years ago. Bloody manauverable and deadly planes. Anyhow they are not flying at their fastest speed else all the glass panes of your offices would have shattered.

It's really wonderful to see these machines work flawlessly.

Cheers and Happy Merdeka Day!! I'm going for a HOLIdAY far far away from KL :P

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Yozora NiteSky said...

Happy Happy Holiday...btw, I have CBox on my blog now :)