Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Apartment

Well we just fixed up the new apartment not too long ago.

Now's the ending before fully shifting in, hmmm is moving in every night to sleep considered shifting in? Hehehe, since we're going back to my house every night to have dinner before coming home here.

House warming should be on the 8th September if all works out fine.

Quite packed if we have alot of people for the house warming, so i'm thinking of using the corridor outside, it's the end of the road and there's no exit at the end of the corridor, so i think can use the place.

Gonna split my friends and my family to arrive at lunch and dinner. If not the house really cannot handle 60 people alltogether. Hahaha, it's gonna collapse i think if there's so many people.

Some pics of the apartment and the furnishing :)

Sofa Set & Uplighter

TV cabinet with my old TV on it

The Kitchen Area

Dining Table & Shoe Cupboard

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