Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Food Post : Honeyland

Hehehe, haven't posted for a few days, been really busy over the weekend, and for the next few weekends too, all are occupied up with events, this year really alot of events. Hmmmm

Anyway, some gastronomical affair, last Saturday went to Berjaya Times Square for the Rattatoie Movie, nice movie, I give it a 4 out of 5.

After that we went to Low Yat to pick up something which was owed to us.

Tried some foodstuff at it's LG, yum not bad. We went to the honeyland shop, in bettween the coffee shop and the bee's connection.

I had this Tomyam, had a choice of very spicy and normal, i went for normal and it was DELICIOUS. Cleared the bowl of everything inside it. Quite alot of ingredients too

Wifey took yong tau foo, very nice too according to her :)

And we had these for drinks, I took Sunflower Seed Honey and wife had the basic Honey lemon drink. Both drinks were great, none of the diluted stuffs.

The Bill came up to around 20something, hmm i think around 27, but that's what you expect eating at shopping malls.

Enjoyed it tremendously.

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