Thursday, August 16, 2007

Unwanted Guest at the New Apartment

Sigh, thinking back on this event, it was so unnerving, hated the insecurity feeling which prevailed for a long while at the apartment.

What the fella did was he sawed through the small ear of the yard grill. Imagine 10+ floor and he was hanging out from the grill. Really daredevil.

Came in and rummaged through some store room boxes. Making a mess of things too. The lazy burglar, he just opened the boxes which were not sealed with masking tape. The rest which were sealed he didn't even bother to open it.

There was a TV, a DVD player and some more electricals in the house, but none was taken.

Thank goodness that there wasn't valuable things like jewelry or money in the house then as we were in the midst of shifting in phase by phase, there wasn't really much things in the house.

I guess the fella was just in for a quick buck.

After that ordeal, we bought 2 thick metal clasps to clasp the yard grill, and one more for the balcony "just in case".

Hopefully no more unwanted events will happen.


Yozora NiteSky said...

Luckily he didn't choose to pop in why you guys were in... that would have been terrible.

B@m®©™ said...

well i think he popped in on a monday night.

we stayed there monday night and wednesday night, and on thursday we discovered it. I think that fella came in on tuesday night, because on wednesday when we reached the apartment, the fan was on.

We didn't check the store rooms until thursday morning. Then we had a sudden chill that on wednesday night while we were sleeping, people can actually come into the house, since the grill was already broken through.

eve said...

YV n DVD how to angkut?..Like u said 10+ floors wor..

B@m®©™ said...

hehe yalor i will snap some pics of the height and put it in future posts later, hahaha show u all what a daredevil that bugger is.

lin said...