Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gafan Restaurant

Gafan Restaurant, known for their Clay Pot rice varieties and more stuff. Their shop is along Connaught Highway, but now they opened a branch in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Just got to know about it last Saturday, so i went with wifey on Sunday to find the shop, it's near the Badminton Courts, just on the same main road, quite easy to find. But the place was empty for lunch, don't know about their dinner crowd, the Cheras branch is always full for their dinner rush.

All the while i have preferred their prawn variety more than their normal ones, since the normal ones i can get better ones outside. Anyway, price went up, long time ago was 8 bucks per pot, then 9 bucks and now 10 bucks.

We took 2 pots one fish one prawn.

The Prawn was as good as usual, although 10 bucks now is a bit steep.

The Fish was also 10 bucks, not so nice, the meat was salty.

I also had a nice bowl of watercress soup "Sai yong choi" this was my favourite for all times at this restaurant, very very flavourful, look at all those ingredients in there...YUM!!

We had their 'kuk fa' drink too "crysanthemum"
Bill came up to 27 bucks for 2 ppl, ehhh steep!!

Business Hours
Mon - Sun 11am to 3pm
5.30pm to 9.30pm
Closed every forthnight Monday

Just in case you can't see it :)

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cenni said...

those pics make me hungry :( I will go to that place when I visit M'sia someday, hehehe