Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some Pics of How the Unwanted Guest got in.

Well like i said i will post up some pics on how that bloody fella got into the apartment

Here are some pics.

A view from the outside corridor to my yard.
The guy must have held on to the grill for quite some time to saw through

View from Over 10++ flooors down to the bottom.
The fella was gripping onto my yard grill while sawing his way in.

Ehh my marking is not too clear, but i circled it red
That's where he sawed through and took out my small padlock.
Now changed to Big Padlock.

My storeroom, Already cleaned it back up
The fella only opened those boxes without tape on them. Grrrr.

After the Breakin, Paranoid liao, now put 2 Clasp for more security.



eve said...

That guy is so determined hor..I have phobia for I kenot be a good burglar.. :P

B@m®©™ said...

Hahahaha i have some ppl telling me it could be inside job, those ppl who stay in the same apt. Hmmmmm....dunno leh, and even if i don't have a phobia of heights, i don't think i could have hung on there for my dear life, some more have to hang with 1 hand while sawing