Thursday, August 16, 2007

Of Idiots and @ssholes in the Offices all around

Have you ventured into the working world yet?

Well, have or haven't you will meet these kinds of people when you eventually join the rat race.

They kiss @ss to get to higher positions.

They play "Tai-Chi" when it's them to blame.

They never listen to facts, they rather listen to rumours. Or their friends.

They are super negative on all your ideas and views.

They are nice in front of you, but when you turn your back to them, you get backstabbed.

They always use a higher post person's name to try to win their arguments.

They are rude to most other people.

They are procrasinators and when the dateline arrives, they involve everyone in to get things done.

They slam the phone on you when they don't get what they want, even when they are of management level (Oh! Such Childishness)

They wait till the last minute to tell you important things just to make you stay for Overtime.

They arrange for Transfer of knowledge 1 day before the resigning staff who handles a very huge and critical project is leaving.

There's sooooo much more


TheMalaysianLife said...

These are the evils of working in Malaysia, isn't it ? So all the personal development books and all the things we are taught in school and university on how business ought to work, doesn't apply in Malaysia. I suppose a lot of young Malaysians are frustrated with the state of affairs they are facing. But can you afford to say F.U. and do it. Can you strike it out on your own ?

B@m®©™ said...

Nah i don't think this applies in Malaysia only, it applies everywhere in the world. As long as there's people and people contact, there will be politics, and i'm not perfect either :)