Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Faulty and Flawed

After the unwanted guest event, came some silly things which happened in the space of 1 week.

First, I was leaning against the kitchen counter while making my Morning oats, then i heard a loud crash, like porceline falling on the floor and breaking. At first i thought what fell and broke, until i felt a sharp pang of pain on my toe.

The tiles at the side of the kitchen counter where i was leaning on fell off and onto my toe and some onto the ground breaking on impact. Luckily it didn't cut off my toe. I checked the cement they put on the back of the tiles and they did put plenty, don't know why it didn't stick well, maybe their cement mix wasn't sticky enough. GAHHH!!!

Called the contractor and he delayed me like 1 month before he say he got someone to come to fix it, most probably this friday. Hopefully he keep his promise.

Secondly, the IKEA uplighter i bought for the house fused, i was turning the timing setter for the thing and my own stupidity for not turning off the power before doing it. The timer thing jammed between on and off for a moment, and next thing i know, i heard a 'poof' sound.

Checked the uplighter part by part, the fuse at the plug fused, the fuse at the dimmer fused, and the bulb fused too. BAH!!! I wonder if IKEA has warranty for lighting.

Oh well


eve said...

Eh try call them n see if they can replace it for u..what I heard so far is that , they are very reliable..but in your case..dunno leh..

B@m®©™ said...

actually i already called them, they asked me to take a photo of the uplighter to show them see if can or not. I'm also looking for the fuses....dono can find or not de.