Tuesday, August 14, 2007

PC FAIR & The Izzi Wireless Broadband

Just grabbed a unit of these from PC Fair in August at KLCC Convention center.

Was actually searching for the Maxis Wireless Broadband since they SMSed me telling me that there's alot of rebates la this la that la. Around 200++ waived off, so it was quite interesting.

When i arrived there, first thing i did was to help my cousin purchase a notebook. Luckily i met a friend who used to work in Imbi Plaza like 10 years ago, he is now a supervisor for the company. So i think i got quite a good price for my cousin's notebook package.

After that we hunted for the Maxis counter. After talking for 15 minutes, i told them i'd sign up, After i told them where i'd stay which was 13'th floor of an Apartment lot, they said sorry sir, the service is not that good past 5th or 6th floor, and they don't want to risk giving me the package. ARGHHHHHHH.

PISSED that i couldn't get it. So i walked a bit more with my wife and my cousin, and the counter opposite maxis was promoting Izzi. A bit steep on the price though, 104 per month for the first year, and 98 per month on the continuous year. But they say they can hit up to 38th floor of KLCC, that should be good right? :)

So i carried the baby home and tried it out, woo, nice signal strength, 90++% signal strength at the apartment. Surfing and email reading is fine, youtube i haven't really tried out yet. The good thing is it's USB and i can plug it anywhere in my notebook, I've tried it in KL area and most of the places in the city center is 100% signal strength. Drawback is for games it's not that stable, alot of request time outs...Trying to solve with them this problem now :) Hopefully will yeild good results.

Why i am opting for this wireless stuff is because the apartment is a new place and there's no telephone line coming in yet. Gahhh!.....So this is the only way to go.

Some Pics of the Izzi iBurst USB device

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