Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Mint/Dark Chocolate

Local Chocolate Beryl's is one of my favourites i've been buying it often everytime they have their promotion in The Weld or Wisma MPL

Camior Range, there's actually more

I've just bought a bunch of them, fruity, dark, bitter, mint etc etc. But still in the end i love their Camior range they melt when they melt and they just taste wonderful especially the Hazelnut ones. My wife and i Heart them :) too bad we're on a low carb diet now, can't enjoy, but just for those who are still having fun with these wonderful creations

The tiramisu i buy is usually in another kind of box and square shaped chocolated, dunno they don haf the pic in the webpage

Their tiramisu is also to die for hahaha, chocolate on the inside with nuts, and then outside covered in fine cocoa powder. Ahhh i miss my chocolate munching days, i bet they'll come back soon enough though, hahaha after my wedding day, gotta drop the lbs :P

This pic is my own :P i bought this bunch to munch on last two weeks bwahahah

All pictures credits to Beryl's website.

Note this is "NOT" a sponsored post, hahaha


MerCuRy said...

I'm a chocolate lovers here. I went to Berryl's chocolate factory shop at Serdang to bought chocolates before. I tried Beryl's Mint/Dark chocolate and Tiramitsu comes with small packaing flavor before. Taste good too
If your friends having wedding dinner, may be you can recommend your friends to get Berryl's LOVE shape chocolate as a gifts for their guest. Very nice :d

B@m®©™ said...

hehehe support local industries hor :)

twosuperheroes said...

Last time, I gave my superhero S one of the Beryl's Chocolate products..

I agree, the taste is very kow kow ... great taste :D

p/s when superhero S lived at Serdang few months ago, we always pass by the factory.. hehe