Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Satay Malaysia, Kajang

Hmmmm, another satay post, hahahaha.....Food!!!!! Yum!!!!!!!

Oh well promised wifey that we'll go here for our anniversary dinner for comparison with our last nice satay experience in Kuantan.

The satay didn't wow us though, comparing it to Satay Zul in Kuantan, this one definately loses out. The meat was drier and tougher, the nice part was there wasn't any fat in the middle.

The kuah was special on it's own, although not spicy enough for my taste. The ketupats were small but still they were using the nipah leaf woven kind, and not the plastic bag kind of nasi impit. The leaves gives out a nice fragrance and taste to the rice somehow.

Some pics to appease your apetites :)