Wednesday, October 31, 2007

TM Installation - Pissed

Now this is what happened.

Firstly my wife and I applied for a line for our apartment so that we can use streamyx (yah yah, i know it's a hellhole, i already have another streamyx a/c at my family house).

So hmm we applied on last Friday, and then Saturday someone from TM said they will come to install on Tuesday morning 11am. So i say oh OK.

I had to take leave just to accomodate them. But i think i have a day extra or so, so on Monday i applied for my Tuesday leave, luckily approved since Tuesday wasn't that busy.

Ok now for the STRESSFUL part.

Come Tuesday morning, i send wifey to work, then come back home to wait. 10am came, 11am came, 11.30am came, i called TM, asked them what happened, who's the contractor who's supposed to come, the fellow just said he'll check, then he told me no contractor was assigned to me. He will forward a report and let them call me back. I was like "What the FUCK??" I took leave for your stupid service and you all never planned it properly.

OK so i waited another 2 hours, no calls back. I called TM again, this time i was really pissed, i asked the person what's wrong with my application, the fella said he need to check, i told him the previous person checked and he said no contractor was assigned to me. I was pissed and i told him i'm bloody angry now because they are wasting my applied leave, and they never tell me what time is the contractor coming and i can't go out for lunch, had to wait in the house for those stupid people to come to install. He told me he'll forward another report and mark it URGENT. Nothing more i can do, so i waited for their next call.

I ordered McD delivery because i didn't want to not be there if the contractor arrives. After an hour, i got a call back from TM asking me if the contractor has called me yet, i almost yell in the phone "NOBODY called me, you IDIOT" He gave me the contractor number and asked me to call him, i tell him, you call the contractor and arrange for me, why need me to call.

I still called the contractor later because no calls came my way. The fellow told me around 8pm, i was like WTF, i don't need to waste my leave like that. The contractor blamed it on TM for not putting the details in properly. I was damn pissed. That was around 4pm then. I went to low yat plaza got my all in one router/modem/switch, went to fetch my wife, at around 6 the contractor suddenly called me "sekarang boleh?" ARGHHH!!!!!! i told him, you said around 8 now 6??? i'm in KL.

So we stuck to the plan of 8pm, he came later than 8pm too, bloody hell.

In the end all was done phone connected, but cannot dial out yet, this morning i tried also cannot dial out yet, dono when only can. PISSED and wasted my whole day leave. ARGH!!!


twosuperheroes said...

haiya.. that fella so bad ar.. I wish when my turn to install the streamyx will not take so long time..

The TM's operator is like the McD Delivery's operator just the same like my old post here..

ha, what happen to ur mcd delivery? ontime?

B@m®©™ said...

45 minutes arrive the mc delivery, still ok la, not 2 hours, i was too pissed with the tm fella to be pissed at mc delivery.

this is only the tmnet phone line, i'm also getting my streamyx together, hopefully it'll be activated in 3 days time, i didn't want their assistance in installing because i know how to do it myself.

twosuperheroes said...

oo ok.. if like that.. maybe it will same as me la..

coz I also dun have phone line.. and planning to use streamyx also..

how much ar.. meaning the streamyx RM77 is including everything? free modem for example

lin said...