Thursday, October 18, 2007

My lifetime of Handphones!!

Hehe my experience with Maxis postpaid has a span of over 10 years now, i think i started using it since 1993, hmmm 14 years not 10.

I still remember last time the monthly fee was 60 bucks and then the calls charges were crazy, there were times when my bill reached 300 bucks and i could hardly afford it,

I was using a very old Ericsson 218 phone which was a known killer with it's magnetic field. You can stick 3 to 4 1cent coins to it and they won't fall off. Crazy huh, i can put the phone into my bro's car, then lock the car with alarm, then call the phone and the car alarm will go off, hahaha HUGE phone ringing tone :P

(218)Remember this Dinosaur :P My first ever phone. Dropped until it spoil.

(338)And this one too, i have a weakness for small phones even back then :P

Anyhow, after a long while of using it, then came along the RM30 postpaid + calls, this i used for quite a long while, quite ok for a low call rate fella when my calls hardly touch 100 bucks.

(Startec X)This was my next phone, small, light, stylish, but spoils fast because of the flip

Then they stepped up some more with the 75 bucks plan, i switched immediately, but later found out that i am calling less and less and depend on internet more than on the phone. So i changed back to the 30 bucks postpaid plan and my bills were like 50 to 60 dollar per month, so i'm still ok with that.

(Nokia 8250)And then this came along, Blue display Woohoo!!, now so ah beng liao.

Now they come up with the 50 bucks per month plan, good for me, i see the statement of my bills come up to 20++ bucks only per month, that means i burn 20 bucks a month for not calling enough. 15cents to any Maxis around malaysia is a good price indeed and i can call my friends in Ipoh, Penang and JB without worrying of the flying sky high charges.

(Sony Ericsson K700i)Next was this, Mp3, LCD, Camera 1.3megapixel, how to resist

Oh well, still i'm happy with it at the moment, cut down my phone charges quite much, i think if they have a 30 bucks plan i'd definately go there, hahahaha. Cheers. Oh ya i've tried Maxis and Celcom, Maxis totally Rox Celcom's Socks.

(K750i)My current phone, i hate sony ericsson joysticks, they spoil easily

So what did you guys use all along?

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Hor ny Ang Moh said...

That is Ok if u live in the west where coverage is great! Over here in the east celcom is the one as u can still use it on country road! Have a nice day!

B@m®©™ said...

last time the ATUR 011 was the bestest, i went out to sea and the person who took us out can still call back to KL, GENG

melvin,foong said...

whoa ..
at least ur phones are not lost like mine .. 8 phones in a year!

B@m®©™ said...

hi melvin, thanks for dropping by, come to think of it, i have never lost a phone b4, usually just rosak and change phone. Now i'm struggling to change but no money, getting ready for wedding hahaha

maria said...

haha, my current handphone also same as you, and my K750i's joystick spoilt, can not scroll down, troublesome

mercury said...

seems like you had used most of the handphone brand before

B@m®©™ said...

Hi Maria, thanks for dropping by too.

the k750i i bought together with my wife, she also has one, but her's working fine, i think because i played alot of games with mine :P

50 bucks to repair and after 2 months die again, ohwell, change phone!!

B@m®©™ said...


yeah, except siemens, somehow i don't like how it sounds :P

KKZOne said...

my favourite w800i got stolen...
I really miss my w800i.

B@m®©™ said...

aihhh, how did it get stolen? hmm just read today that stolen phones will be disabled, in the news today, dunno how they are gonna do that.

kljs said...

wow.... from the ancient to the newest...... what's next?

B@m®©™ said...

ehh i phone maybe hahahah, bolui, wait after wedding which is end of the year

kay kastum said...

I started off with a phone from Sony. Very modern st the time. With antenae and sliding speaker on top. Then I moved on to Siemens, A pocket pc, then i lost it, then I go for sony ercisson again.

Jorie said...
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lin said...