Thursday, October 04, 2007

Shopping for Things for Wedding!!

Ahhhhhhhh, i think most of the time i go out shopping with wifey, it's all about and for our Chinese Wedding day which is coming up at the end of the year.

We're following some but not all of the Chinese traditions, so well, shopping could be a hassle.

Firstly we went shopping for our stuff which our families give each other during Guo Dai Lai (Chinese Dowry Day). The bride's side have to give the Groom a belt, a wallet and a pair of trousers. So basically, me and wifey have to shop for these things and give to future Mom In Law, for her to give back to me on that day itself. "Can claim $$$ from Mom In Law" kekekeke.

Anyhow looking for these things which i actually already have can be a hassle, we were thinking of buying non leather goods, and then again, i don't like non leather goods, since leather goods are way more lasting than those PVC stuff.

So we walked the whole Midvalley last night, from Jusco, to G2000 to here to there, in the end we went to Metro (There were tons of belts wallets in one section) Easy to shop here. Got an Arnold Palmer Belt (hmm i'm not a golfer) but it looked nice. Genuine Leather too.

Getting a wallet when i already have one "Wonderful gift from wife" which i'm not ready to part with yet is hmm a bit of a hassle, will the wallet mould before i start using it? Since it leather and some leather tends to mould if kena moisture. Ahhh nevermind, bought some moderate priced thing, but still genuine leather.

Oh well, one part done, I also got my trousers from another departmental store earlier, chinos, since i almost always wear chinos to work :P

Till my next wedding shopping trip!! Chiaoz...

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