Monday, October 29, 2007

Low Carbs/Carbless Diet Day 10

Well it's been a long 10 days, i think, tomorrow we can officially eat back a little bit of carbs, like half bowl of rice and so on and so forth. Although according to the recommendations of the person who we talked to before we go through this program that it's better to just stay off the carbs.

Here's how it went

Phase 1 (5 Days)
Meat/Fish/Eggs & Vegetables, Yoghurt & Nuts for snacks

Phase 2 (5 Days)
Meat/Fish/Eggs & Vegatables, Yoghurt & Nuts for snacks & Fruits (really really appreciate the fruits sweetness after around 1 week of no sweet stuff)

Phase 3 (5 days)
Some Carbs (Half bowl of Rice, Bread, Potatoes maybe in moderation) in addition to the list in Phase 2.

Then repeat from Phase 1

They recommended to just go phase 1 phase 2 and repeat.

I really miss my potatoes :( Anyhow 2.5kg so far for me bwahahaha, achievement leh, always i wanted to drop weight and it never happened and i went up to 90kg, i used to be the 29 inch waist skinny.

Maybe i should put some exercise into my already high protein diet, i think it should help alot.

Hopefully i'll be 83? or 80(wishing) by end November. Cheers

p/s : Readers sorry for not updating on Friday, was on leave and being on leave is even more tiring than being at work.


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Got any before & after pic???
Have a nice day!

B@m®©™ said...

hahah dun haf le :P who would want to see my ugly tummy :P