Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Iron Thieves

I believe many people in Malaysia have been a victim of this annoying happening, prices of iron are still good, and scrap iron can fetch some price, that's why those drug addicts and those who are looking for a quick buck are stealing any piece of loose iron which is not screwed down and selling them to junk dealers.

I think the latest happening is inside the SMART tunnel, there were supposed to be alot of iron sheets covering the wiring and the piping on the tunnel towards KL. Those sheets were there until the long Raya Holidays.

Now while driving thru the SMART tunnel daily, i see alot of ugly openings showing the wiring/piping and such. Ish, the authorities should be more aware of what's happening, and also the police should clamp down on the Junk Metal buyers.

This thing is getting out of hand, until people don't even want to use metal rod covers for their drain coverage, unless it's totally screwed down and moulded into the concrete.

Another case would be the road up to Cameron Highlands from Simpang Pulai, those who have went that road before would notice that the road side barriers are all MISSING. Those irresponsible thieves have stolen there and left people's lives at stake. If an accident should happen along those stretches where the metal barriers are stolen, you can be sure to say tata and end up in a deep ravine.

Ok enough of my rant for today. Time to go on site :)

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mercury said...

The police just lazy to take action on Iron Thieves only. As you see inside the SMART Tunnel, there are CCTV everywhere to maintain the condition of the road. Why police not to make maximize use of the CCTV to find out who is the thieves? Since the metal price increase insanely

anthraxxxx said...

Ironman is showing in the cinemas on May 2008. Could this be a sign? :P

B@m®©™ said...

hahaha, maybe ironman is sucking up all the iron to form himself, but the trailer is a little bit....uhh, not so exciting leh.

mercury, yalor, but mebe they all cover face also cannot see, use women stocking to cover face like those old hong kong movies

MerCuRy said...

lol, you know I know loh