Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nasi Ayam Hotel New Capitol , Kuantan

Yet another great place to eat in Kuantan

New Capitol Hotel Hainanese Chicken Rice :) This place was also featured in Ho Chiak one of the chinese TV shows locally about good local food.

I've been to this Chicken Rice stall since i was a teeny weeny little kid, coming back here to eat just brings back memories that nothing has changed, the inside of the shop was still old style kopitiam style, big spacious too since they have two shops merged.

Here are some pics to whet your apetite!!

Succulent Tender Chicken YUM better than most of KL's Chicken Rice :P

Lovely Hot Ginger Butter Chicken Rice.

Their Original Logo, i had to round the place a few times to find
this restaurant because i only remember how to go there by
memory, not mapped out :P I remembered it was
somewhere behind my uncle's old shop :)

The new Logo

Wonderful Place to eat indeed, try it if you do go to Kuantan

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