Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Natural Batik Village

I have been to the East coast of Malaysia many times over these many years, but i've never visited this place before. It was just starting to rain when we got there, so a good place to shelter and have a bit of a sight seeing process.

Anyhow, The place was BIG, the front half was their shop area, where they sell all kinds of clothes, mainly made from Batik cloth, you can find some beach wear from quicksilver here too though.

There were batik, songket and much much more fashioned into many kinds of clothing, sarongs and decorations.

The back part of the place was the creation area for the batiks, there were a few beautiful pieces of batik there which i saw which were fresh, one was an orchid drawing in batik too bad i didn't take a pic of it. *SIGH*

Wifey bought a few pieces of sarong batik back for her mom, The place was decent, although the one bad thing i didn't like was, the toilets have NO water, and it smelled real bad. So guys and girls, go do your businesses at your hotels or wherever before you visit this place. :P

After this center, we went home straight back to KL dropping by at the famous Kuantan Salted Fish Shops. I think this is the end of my Kuantan series, gotta find something else to write about liao :P

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