Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Terminal Satay Zul , Kuantan

Now for more gastronomical stuff we had at Kuantan, hahaha sorry for the long time i took to upload the pics and share, really been busy almost every weekend with personal stuff and chores.

This is where we went for dinner on Merdeka Night. Superb Superb Superb Satay, will definately go there again when i get the chance to.

Cube Shaped Nasi Impit, Fragrant and Wonderful to eat

The Kuah, Just the right texture of peanut blended, i think i finished this whole bowl which was the extra given on top of individual bowls

Satay, Before and After :P

At 45 cents a pop of satay, it was way nice without the fatty bits in the center, the rice was 1.50 each, quite decent for such a big block of rice i would say.

All in all, i feel it's even better than Satay Malaysia in Kajang, no matter, i will be going there to test Satay Malaysia out on Oct 6 :) Soon!

More on Terminal Satay Zul at http://www.dine24.com.my/restaurant/detail.htm?id=19