Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Samsara Spa, The Experience

Samsara Spa is nestled in a green corner beside the main pool of Swiss Garden Resort in Kuantan, I actually bought a package for my wife for her birthday and she insisted i join in to experience a massage and salts bath too. Ok Ok, hahaha since i've not tried before, why not give it a shot.

Turned out to be a really relaxing experience. This spa offers Balinese, Thai and a couple more massages, Thai's a bit more physical while Balinese is relaxing. I've had Thai massages when i went to Pattaya last time, so i took a different one, Balinese.

Well no pics of us having our massages, ehhh you have to get undressed and only wear a disposable paper underwear (3rd Category liao) bwahahah. Anyhow here's how my experience went.

Firstly, they will ask you to change out of your clothing and wear the disposable underwear, and a kind of bathrobe over yourself, then step outside and then they will soak & wash your feet & legs for you with some sea salts.

After the feet washing session, they will ask you to go back into the massage room (i had a couple room with wifey) :) Remove the bathrobe and lie face down on the massage bench, then they will cover you with a towel, don't worry, they are professionals. Anyhow, there will be a bowl of flowers beneath your face which is fragrant, to relax your mood, then they will rub some massage oil into their palms and let you breathe in the fragrance, steamy, sleepy, zzzzzzzzz..

Hahaha, nah i didn't sleep but i almost did. After that they start with your legs, your hands, your back, neck, head, flip you over, and repeat the process. Well these massagers will surely ask you to try their traditional oils and medicines to increase vitality and other stuff. Not cheap though :P

After an hour of massaging, then i get 20 minutes of soaking in the sea salts and essential oil bath. There was an in built tub in the room, 3 feet deep or so, with built in seats on both sides. The bath is filled with 'kuk fa' crysantenum flowers, foamy and warm. Nice and enjoyable as well :) Then you get to wash off all the oil when your 20 minutes is up in the built in shower in the room too.

All in all it costed RM185 for the massage and bath per person, not cheap, but definately worth the experience. Try it.

Here are some pics of the spa for you to enjoy

The Main Entrance

The feet wash area and entrance to the massage rooms

A bird house in the small garden, no birds though :P